One reader’s appeal for reason

A reader posted the following honest, balanced and well-argued and highly personal piece appealing for more consideration and sensitivity in the whole issue of pubes. She writes:

“I would like to hear about how much you care for what the women feel, the pleasure they receive, in an honest way. I would also like to know that you care about the etiquette of touching sensually pubic hair, rather than just touching skin first. I would like to think that the sensation of what a woman feels is most important.


I know my experience may be extreme, but when I shaved or waxed, I was in near constant pain for weeks or months. I have only done this a few times in my life for a few months at a time. I could feel that my lips would be soft to touch, they felt good on my fingers, and I understand why you might like them that way, and I know that shaving and waxing doesn’t hurt every woman, day in and day out, but I don’t think you actively acknowledge those of us that experience this discomfort. Obviously, I won’t keep trying to get over this discomfort, but will continue on with my wonderful, natural bush.


Reader’s post – blue hue

A gentleman reader sent i this picture of his girlfriends wild blue pubes:



He says “Hi! I’m your fan…my gf’s blue….I love it!!” I’m sure our readers will love it too. Thanks!

Reader’s post – minimal muschi

A poster from Germany (I guess) sent in a bunch of pics with the message “Various pics of my muschi”, of which I present two.

On the left we see her sporting the most minimal of micro muffs, what we might call The Dot style, aka the Chaplin.

Now you see it, now you don't

Now you see it, now you don’t

And then on the right we see she has foregone even that minimal ornamentation in favor of The Sphynx, aka the Yul Brynner or Full Monty.

Muschi, I discover, is a cute German slang word for vulva. She also calls it her ‘mumu’. Thank you so much, anonymous poster, for your mumu pics!

Reader’s post – pubes: going….gone

An anonymous poster sends in these two close-ups of her pubes together with a little story.

She says “Several months ago, I had my long hair cut into a very short pixie style. My husband responded by taking clippers to my pussy, giving me a “Short Cut,” which I absolutely loved.”

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Then she continues: “Last week, I wanted to surprise my husband for our anniversary, so I went to a salon and had everything waxed off. I was apprehensive about his reaction, but he loved it! He even told me to keep it this way. Hurray!”

Thank you so much for sending in your pics and delightful story. Your husband’s a lucky guy!

Reader’s post – what style?

Anonymous reader ‘G’ sends in this picture of herself with a question: “What style do you think would suit me best?”

What style for Miss G?

What style for Miss G? (Click to enlarge)

You look delightful right now, Miss G, but if you’re looking for a new style, the Bermuda is a classic that’s easy enough to maintain.

However, as with all styles that leave the labia bare, you’ve got to make sure you get all the hair right down to the back door And if you’re doing this by shaving, things can get itchy when the hair starts to grow back.

An alternative that doesn’t involve shaving the labia and around Davy Jone’s Locker is the long Football style that surrounds the vulva, what some call the Furry Hoop

Readers, any other suggestions?

Valentine’s Day Gallery

To celebrate Valentine’s Day I put together this gallery of ‘Heart’ styles. Some are from readers, some from the Interwebs, but all display creativity and flair in interpreting the classical symbol of love and life for intimate decoration. Enjoy!

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day

Reader’s posts – hair and bare

As the debate rages in the media about whether women are shunning the shaving cream, our readers continue to span the spectrum from hair to bare.

Here are two pics sent in by different anonymous readers. This first pic, titled simply “My Bush” shows a young lady who’s proud of her natural curls. While the second pic, from a different contributor who decided to bare all, came with the byline “A day after a shave”.

Ms. Anonymous's bush!

Ms. Anonymous’s bush!

Day after a shave

Day after a shave

Which side of the debate are you on?

(Shaverxxx, we know where you stand! ;-) )

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