Reader’s post – losing it

Here are a pair of posts from readers showing the contrast between the presence of pubes and their absence. The top two pics, taken an a nudist beach it seems, do indeed show the same lady. I can confirm this having seem the uncropped photos from which these closeups are taken. The tan lines in the bush picture make the difference all the more dramatic. Thank you so much to the poster.

Before and after

Before and after

The second pair are perhaps more easily recognizable as the same gal. In the first she is showing of a Bermuda Triangle which she seems in the process of growing out, but then in the next, voila, she has just taken it all off. Belissima!

Thanks, ladies, for your lovely contributions!

Reader’s post – four shapes

OK, strictly speaking, three shapes, for what we have here are three classic styles beautifully illustrated in reader’s contributions. No messages were left with these sweet contributions, so we can only go on what the pictures themselves reveal.


The two on the left are clearly the same lady sporting alternately a Landing Strip and the a sexy Flame look. Smokin!

At top left we have a cute and fluffy Heart, always a favorite with the romantically inclined.

And last but not least, the young lady appears to be giving us a flash of her neat Landing Strip from the passenger seat of a car. Naughty girl!

A look at pubic hairstyles around the world

The Pubicstyle blog has been featured in an interesting article on pubic styles around the world over on travel culture website Matador Network.

Shock and awe

In some wild corners of the world women are going all out to create the most shocking and awe inspiring looks for their pussies. Forget the vajazzle, if you really want to make an impact you better be prepared to break out the piercings, the tattoo needle, the hair dye, and… the feathers!

Shocking and awesome!

Shocking and awesome!

If, on the other hand, the thought of revealing such fantastic creations in your gym’s locker room, or at the gynecologists office gives you pause, there are less permanent ways to get dramatic results.

There’s non-piercing labia and clitoral jewelery for a start. Body paint can look fantastic if well done, and is easily removed. And there are all kinds of body decals, like these for example.

Thanks to the kind reader who dropped the left hand pic into the dropbox and inspired this post.

San Francisco Casting Call Announced For Pubic Hair Documentary

A San Francisco-based sex education group is holding a casting call Sunday for a documentary producer researching trends in pubic hair. Full article here.

Casting call

A pubic casting call, on Sunday

Reader’s post – keeping it short

Today’s reader’s pictures are all of the same beautiful blonde lady, the sexy Ms. S, in various states of depilation. Astute regular readers may recognize her from her previous magnificent picture set, and also from this post.

The first set of three new pics below show her in three different styles. Starting on the left, we see an almost rectangular patch of pubes above, and bare labia below, in a kind of Bermuda Triangle or perhaps Square style.

In the second pic, she’s decided to thin the thatch out a bit and go more Minimalist, but the shape is basically the same. The final pic was actually taken earlier, judging by the file names, but shows her this time with the hair all taken off in a Full Monty style.

Blonde variations

Blonde variations

Ms. S sent a whole bunch of pictures, so here are some more of the same three styles, but this time from different, and more intimate angles.


Reader’s post – four bare

Here are four photos from readers who have gone the Full Monty and bared all. The first contributor, at top left, says “Hey, here’s my shaven pussy. Hope you like.” We do, and we hope you’re enjoying it too. The ‘White Tiger‘ style looks fantastic on you.

Four bare beauties

Four bare beauties

Next, at top right, is a delightful shot of a silky smooth Sphinx. This lady left no message, but did include a second picture which I believe shows her natural pubes (see below). Both pictures are beautifully shot, I must say. (I thought they must be from a commercial photo set, but Google image search shows these are new to the web)


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