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It’s been a couple of years since I last posted, but you’re not here for my life story, so let me just dive back in with a wonderful reader contribution – a magnificent V-cut. Lines straight as a ruler, and balanced as a boomerang.

V-cut pubic style

V for ‘very vivacious’

This work of art was dropped in the dropbox back in 2015. The proud owner has probably given up all hope of ever seeing it posted, for which I can only apologize. The original size, and more intimate image is shown after the ‘more” link below.


Reader’s post – before and after, and a leaf

This blog is always especially excited to be able to bring you a before and after set, to show the wonderful transformation wrought by a change of style. Here’s a delightful contribution from an anonymous reader showing a bold heart style that really sets off this lady’s luscious labia, for a really romantic and sexy look.

Sweet heart

Sweet heart

Our second contribution is a tiny micro style in quite a tricky shape to master – what we might call a Trefoil, or a Fleur de Lys, or to take a more modern reference, the Adidas symbol.


Reader’s post – variations

As promised here’s another glorious set sent in by an anonymous reader. This sexy lady shows us her adventures in pubic styling with five pics showing four different styles. Some of these pictures are very intimate, so for the sake of those sensitive souls who don’t want to look too closely at labia, I’ve put the more revealing pics after the break below.

These first two more modest shots show the same woman in two states of pubic primping. The style on the left is reminiscent of the ‘stealth shave’, except that the ‘cut off point’ is quite high above the clitoris, and the bottom edge has a curve to it, giving an overall shape like a Japanese folding fan.

On the right, she’s trimmed off more fur to achieve a neat little Square cut, which looks fabulous with those sexy stocking tops, I must say.

“La variété, c'est la vie, l'uniformité, c'est la mort." ― Benjamin Constant

“La variété, c’est la vie, l’uniformité, c’est la mort.” ― Benjamin Constant

Warning – intimate pics below…


Reader’s post – experimenting

Here’s a delightful set of pics from a Pubicstyle reader. This lady clearly likes to experiment with different looks.

The glorious pictures in the series below wonderfully illustrate again the impact even a small change in hair length or pubic outline can have. And judging from the pics she was clearly having fun trying out her different styles. It wasn’t just her creative juices that were flowing!

Warning: there are large and intimate pictures below. But first, here’s a little teaser!



Reader’s post – short and curlies

More contributions from Pubicstyle fans, this time proudly displaying their short and curly styles. The short style needn’t just be a way station on the return from a Full Monty. Even if the outline of the bush is left unaltered, cropping the hair short can create a sporty Mediterranean look. It’s a great style for summer!

This first lady’s dark hair looks great in a short crop, setting off her pale skin and luscious labia magnificently.

Short and sweet

Short and sweet

While the second contributor seems to have a finer lighter hair, which makes the short look delightfully soft and fluffy. But from the contributors comments, it seems this short look may be a natural one. She says “I have always been a thin person but think it is interesting to see what happens when you keep a ‘natural’ and (in my case, unexpectedly) gain weight. ” Nonetheless, the result is delightful.


Catching up #2 – brought to you by the letters V and I

These next two ladies posted their pics while I was away, but they’re two good to languish in the Dropbox, so here they are in all their glory.

First the letter V; the Vee style, aka the Flying Eagle, in Czech the ‘Vecko’ (Clamshell), in Japanese the Yajirushi (Arrow). This style remains a popular choice judging by our reader’s contributions.

No message I’m afraid, but this lovely lady gives us two views of her beautifully trimmed Vee:

Very Vivacious

Very Vivacious

Now for the letter I, more commonly called the Landing Strip, the Mohawk, the Pinstripe or the Brazillian.

This proud woman says simply “My lovely pussy!” in the message that accompanies this intimate pic (Warning! Labia ahead! 🙂 )


Catching up #1 – the Sphinxes

During my long absence from the site, a few dear readers posted their contributions to the Dropbox. It looks like some of these might have been deleted by the system, because I see some text comments with no corresponding picture. But, for the first post of 2015, here are some of the delightful pictures that survived the purge with their contributors comments.

First up, a beautiful blonde contributes her ‘Sphinx‘ style with the following compliments: “I love how tasteful and appropriate your site is! You truly see the beauty of a woman’s body! I enjoyed all the awesome styles, info. and the complimentary comments, thank you for a great site that appreciates woman of all shapes and sizes! Keep up the good work.”

Thank you so much, and I’m sorry it took me so long to post your pic. Here it is:

The Sphinx style

The Sphinx style


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