Reader’s post: Still in trim

The anonymous reader who sent in the delightful pictures we posted in the entry “keeping in trim” is back with a couple of new pics, from an unusual angle that makes me think these are ‘selfies’.

In this pair of photos, she’s rocking a neatly cut Bermuda Triangle. Plato once said “It is through geometry that one purifies the eye of the soul”, and the neat rendering in these photos that the geometrically inclined might call ‘isosceles’, if not downright ‘equilateral’ is sure to purify the soul indeed.

From the filenames ‘Finished 1’ and ‘Finished 2’ I assume that these pics were taken right on completion of the artwork. Many many thanks for this follow-up contribution. (I don’t know who you are, but I recognized you from the photo!)

Reader’s post – forming diamonds

A kind reader sent in a whole bunch of photos showing their styling adventures. The lady’s go-to style is the Diamond cut, also know as the Teardrop and the Princess. This is a really sexy and elegant style, and a favorite of mine. In this series of high-res pics we can see just how diamonds are made.

In the first picture, we see perhaps the lady’s natural curls. In the next, the diamond is starting to take shape. Pictures three and four show the delightful results of the cutting. In picture five, the style is starting to grow out, but the edges can still be made out. The final picture shows the diamond re-formed, and looking sharper than ever.

Thank you so much to the contributors for this wonderful series of pictures. I’m sure they’ll be treasured!

Reader’s post extra – update from “Keeping in trim”

The contributor of the magnificent pictures shown in our previous post “Keeping in trim” is back with another set of pics.

The sender also left a little note with the pictures. (Yes, you can drop text files into the anonymous Dropbox folder if you want to leave amessage.)

It reads: “I made a little series of the latest haircut for my special someone – I thought your readers might enjoy it too!”

I’m very sure they will.

The first three pics (selfies?) show off her perfectly proportioned Bermuda Triangle style from above. She’s incorporated a neat V line in the top of the triangle this time, which I’m guessing could be her natural pubic hair line. The result is a kind of subtle Chevron that looks very suave.

There’s one more pic that shows off the care taken to keep her cool pubic style neat below. It’s a very intimate pic, so only click “more” if you’re prepared for a full-on close up. More

Reader’s post: three styles, freshly made

Here are three pics from the same dear reader showing three different styles, hot off the anvil as you can tell by the hair clippings scattered about! (It’s always a fun moment when you record you new pubic creation for posterity.)

The first of these styles is what we might call the ‘Sensu’ or Japanese Fan style. This involves a fan shaped arch of pubes crowning the bared vulva, reminiscent of those folding ‘sensu’ fans of the East.

Fan style

The second style is a little hard to make out due to the lighting, but it looks to me like a Bermuda Triangle, or possibly Pom Pom. Mind you, with her light colored hair and short crop, the soft indistinct outlines make me want to call this one “Irish Mist”. More

Pubic grooming has a high injury rate, survey reveals

An article in the UK’s Guardian discussed the results of a survey into injuries caused by pubic grooming. The article is full of fascinating details. For example, “the (survey) results reveal that 5,674 out of 7,456 participants reported that they had, at some point, groomed their pubic hair, with almost 67% of men and just over 85% of women saying they had done so… But the study also found that 27% of women and almost 24% of men came a cropper while tidying up their pubic hair, with 1.4% of groomers saying they had had to seek medical attention as a result. ” Yeouch!

Play safe, people!

Reader’s post: keeping in trim

One fact of life is that shaved pubes tend to grow back, so a little maintenance (and a little itchiness) is par for the course. But maintaining a styled bush is part of the fun, especially if the ‘task’ is shared with a partner.

An anonymous reader sent in three delightful HD pics of the results of her maintenance.

In the first pic we she her neat Bermuda Triangle has started to grow out somewhat. In the second she has carefully removed the unwanted hair and neatened up the triangle. In the final picture, she’s taken that trim a few millimeters closer with a fine Short Cut

Thanks so much to the kind contributor for these candid and beautiful close-ups. I’m sure our readers will be impressed.

We hope these wonderful shots inspire more readers to show of their own proud creations.

In praise of Japanese pubic hair

Most Japanese women prefer to leave their pubic hair to grow naturally Underarm hair removal is pretty much the norm, and hair removal salons are widespread. Even the guys are apt to get their chests, arms, legs and even faces waxed, lasered or electrolyzed. But the pubes are generally allowed to flourish unhampered, for various reasons we’ve discussed before.

But maybe one reason for the leaving things as they are is how utterly charming the natural growth can be! To whit, I present this mini gallery of my personal favorite natural Japanese pube style, the Natural Mohecan.

Best seen from the side, in bright sunlight!

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