Reader’s post: keeping in trim

One fact of life is that shaved pubes tend to grow back, so a little maintenance (and a little itchiness) is par for the course. But maintaining a styled bush is part of the fun, especially if the ‘task’ is shared with a partner.

An anonymous reader sent in three delightful HD pics of the results of her maintenance.

In the first pic we she her neat Bermuda Triangle has started to grow out somewhat. In the second she has carefully removed the unwanted hair and neatened up the triangle. In the final picture, she’s taken that trim a few millimeters closer with a fine Short Cut

Thanks so much to the kind contributor for these candid and beautiful close-ups. I’m sure our readers will be impressed.

We hope these wonderful shots inspire more readers to show of their own proud creations.

In praise of Japanese pubic hair

Most Japanese women prefer to leave their pubic hair to grow naturally Underarm hair removal is pretty much the norm, and hair removal salons are widespread. Even the guys are apt to get their chests, arms, legs and even faces waxed, lasered or electrolyzed. But the pubes are generally allowed to flourish unhampered, for various reasons we’ve discussed before.

But maybe one reason for the leaving things as they are is how utterly charming the natural growth can be! To whit, I present this mini gallery of my personal favorite natural Japanese pube style, the Natural Mohecan.

Best seen from the side, in bright sunlight!

Reader’s post: Hummingbird landing

I think a really neat place for a tasteful tattoo is just on the hip, as this dear reader demonstrates with her delightful hummingbird design. Hummingbirds hover just above the petals of a flower to drink up the sweet nectar within!

Sweet nectar

But should this little bird have trouble finding the flower, there’s a helpful Landing Strip below which he can follow down to the inviting blossom beneath!

Thanks to the kind reader for generously contributing these delightful images.

Reader’s post: Top Knots or Pom Poms

These two anonymous contributors are rocking a little pom-pom of pubes that I like to call the Top Knot style.

Pom Pom Tiddly Pom

If the patch of thatch were shorter and squarier, it would be a Chaplin, or Postage Stamp. And if smaller, then according to Lisa’s Taxonomy, it might be The Eye of the Tiger.

Thank you so much for your pics, dear readers.

Reader’s post: more summer shorties

Here’s a follow up to our Summer Cuts post. A couple of anonymous women sent in these pictures of their lady gardens. Both have kept the natural shape of their pubes, but given them a quick trim to achieve a light and summery look that’s as fresh as an ocean breeze.

Short and sweet

Enjoy the summer, people!

Bush art

I’ve been trying to find the original source of the photo below, but it’s been blogged and pinterested so many times its origins have become rather obscure. Any reader’s know of a likely source?

On the spectrum

Want to give you pubis a rebel yell, but don’ fancy the pain and the permanence of a pubic tattoo? Then how about adding a dash of color to your curls? Here’s a rainbow of pubic color to inspire you.

we recommend you take great care when attempting a pubic dye. Only use safe products such as the Betty Beauty range, and follow the instructions carefully. You don’t want to experience the pain that Sandra Bullock did when she tried to surprise her partner with a pink valentine design.

She explained: “I decided for Valentine’s Day I would do a special hair thing. I wanted to try to create a pink heart shape with my lower hair. It was painful.
“You had to bleach it first. There’s something about bleach that feels like acid. Then I had to shave it. I was in so much pain, but I kept going and put the pink dye on and it went the wrong colour.”

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