Beautiful pubic female tattoos by Anais B.

Found an article I thought our reader’s might appreciate that highlights the work of Anais B, a tattoo artist working in Belgium. Her Facebook page, referenced in the article, shows her work on all areas of the body. Here are a few examples of her pubic art.

Anais B #1


Reader’s post: a short crop from Finland

At least I assume these are from Finland, based only on the filenames, which Google Translate tells me are likely Finnish. The name of the first picture is ‘snygg’ which is Finnish for ‘handsome’, and a very handsome picture it is indeed. The muted light and soft borders give a warm and intimate feeling to the image…one might say ‘snug’!

The second picture is named ‘posliininen’ which apparently translates to ‘porcelain’. I take as a reference to the lady’s smooth, refined appearance.


Reader’s post: well oiled

We were so happy here at pubicstyle to receive not only a terrific set pictures from a kind reader showing off her delightful pubic creativity, but also a personal note! We love getting notes!

My special someone saw your post about bush oil and was excited to get me some: I applied it generously in the last photo after shaving. It’s a more intimate photo but perhaps you’ll enjoy knowing that your work truly spreads around, as it were!

The pictures speak for themselves, so I’ll post them all here for your edification.

For the more intimate photo, click ‘more’.


Reader’s post: Hearts and Teardrops

A dear reader just dropped an wonderful set of pictures into the dropbox, showing off their exquisitely sculpted pubic style. This style goes by many names; Teardrop, Flame, Diamond or Arrowhead, among others

I think this is the same generous contributor who recently provided the pictures in this post.

When I first saw the first picture, I was reminded of the marvelous motifs often found in Khmer templates. I believe this design is called a Fleuron. (I’m sure there must be a more accurate term, if reader’s can help me out..)

Then a second picture showed the same style, but upside down, which suggested to me an elegant floral heart design:

There are a couple more pictures in the set showing the style from above, and a more intimate image (warning to any sensitive readers). Click ‘more’ to continue.


Oiled fur

Readers may be familiar with “Fur Oil”, the pubic hair treatment favoured by Harry potter star Emma Watson. Here’s an article entitled “I Tried Pube Oil for 3 Weeks and This Is What Happened” in which…erm, a woman tries fur oil for three weeks and sees what happens.

Reader’s post – cutely tousled

Thanks to the kind reader who sent in the following pictures of her pubic styling.  She’s showing off a cutely tousled ‘stealth cut’ that looks very natural and charming.  The full body shot is a little fuzzy, especially round the pubes, but a great shot nonetheless, thanks to the subject’s magnificent bod! What wonderful surroundings in which this little garden grows.


There was one more intimate shot that I’m sorry I can’t share here without risking the WP moderator’s wrath, but if the contributor has more modest shots to share, I’d be overjoyed to post them.

Thanks again!

Me and my vulva: 100 women reveal all

Here’s a long and intimate article in the Guardian online profiling photographer Laura Dodsworth’s “Womanhood” project, in which she took portraits of 100 women’s vulvas. The article features some of the photographs, and interviews with some of the subjects.

From the article: “The stories told in Womanhood are vast (even if there are few people of colour included, which Dodsworth puts down, in part, to cultural taboos, as participants self-selected). The pages are filled with people of all ages and sexual orientations, speaking honestly about key life experiences. “The vulva is often seen just as a site of sexual activity,” she says. “But we talked about so many areas that aren’t ‘sexy’ – periods, menopause, infertility, miscarriage, abortion, pregnancy, birth, cancer.” In this sense, she saw herself as a “kind of midwife, helping women to birth their own stories”.

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