Me and my vulva: 100 women reveal all

Here’s a long and intimate article in the Guardian online profiling photographer Laura Dodsworth’s “Womanhood” project, in which she took portraits of 100 women’s vulvas. The article features some of the photographs, and interviews with some of the subjects.

From the article: “The stories told in Womanhood are vast (even if there are few people of colour included, which Dodsworth puts down, in part, to cultural taboos, as participants self-selected). The pages are filled with people of all ages and sexual orientations, speaking honestly about key life experiences. “The vulva is often seen just as a site of sexual activity,” she says. “But we talked about so many areas that aren’t ‘sexy’ – periods, menopause, infertility, miscarriage, abortion, pregnancy, birth, cancer.” In this sense, she saw herself as a “kind of midwife, helping women to birth their own stories”.

迎接 China Special

Looking at my blog stats the other day I noticed we’re getting more and more visitors from China, so I was inspired to put together this little special post featuring the women of China, by way of a warm welcome.

China is a vast and varied country with over 50 distinct ethnic groups, nearly 300 living languages, and a geography encompassing huge mountain ranges, vast deserts, magnificent rivers as well as densely populated planes.  And so it should be no surprise to find that untrimmed natural pubes come in all varieties from wild jungle to sparse deserts


Reader’s post: Edge Sharpening

Here’s a little set sent in by a kind anonymous reader showing the power of even the most subtle pubic styling. Compare the before and after photos and the difference is striking, but the only thing that’s changed is the edge of the poster’s bush, which has been carefully trimmed back to create a charmingly rounded shape that looks really cute. The last photo itself needed a little edge sharpening in photoshop, but you can see the difference a careful pubic shaping can make. The results are delightful.

Thanks to the poster!

Famous pubic hair

Here’s an article from Glamour magazine that highlights 10 female celebs who have been in the news about their pubes. The article is weirdly titled “10 Celebrities Who Are All About Their Bush” Really, Gwyneth Paltrow is all about her bush? Ok, she mentioned it once, and it’s nice to know she ‘works a 70s vibe’, but ‘all about her bush’ seems pushing it a little.

Anyway, here she is in the dress she apparently once had to trim her pubes for!

Gwyneth's Iron Man 3 premier dress reveals no pubes

Reader’s post: 7 Up

Another mega post, but from a different reader.  In this set he charming lady shows off a range of styles.  The first picture shows her natural bush, and then we see a number of variations of ‘above the clitoris’ styles.   See if you can spot the following: ‘Japanese Fan’ ‘Princess’ ‘Top-Knot’ and ‘Bikini Line’.

Many thanks as always to the generous contributor of this wonderful series.  What a beautiful testament to the power of pubic styling.

If you need help identifying the styles, check the Thesaurus post.

Reader’s post: perfect angles

A kind reader dropped this set of pix into the pubicstyle anonymous dropbox quite some time ago. I’ve had so little time to attend to the blog, but these pictures were always on my mind.

What delicate precision, what perfection! This is an exquisitely executed Triangle style. A classic style that I think has a natural charm and modest sexiness. Note the use of a hair trimmer to shorten the pubes overall for a really smart appearance.

Many thanks to the contributor, whom I feel I recognize from an earlier post. I scanned though, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Perhaps some sharp eyed reader can find the previous contribution.



Reader’s post: Still in trim

The anonymous reader who sent in the delightful pictures we posted in the entry “keeping in trim” is back with a couple of new pics, from an unusual angle that makes me think these are ‘selfies’.

In this pair of photos, she’s rocking a neatly cut Bermuda Triangle. Plato once said “It is through geometry that one purifies the eye of the soul”, and the neat rendering in these photos that the geometrically inclined might call ‘isosceles’, if not downright ‘equilateral’ is sure to purify the soul indeed.

From the filenames ‘Finished 1’ and ‘Finished 2’ I assume that these pics were taken right on completion of the artwork. Many many thanks for this follow-up contribution. (I don’t know who you are, but I recognized you from the photo!)

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