Reader’s Post : Bikini Muff or Oblong Strip

A kind reader, who I shall call Ms YCMM dropped a beautiful set of pictures to show off her sexy pubic style. She’s trimmed the hair short over the pubis, and gone full ‘depilis’ on her Labia Majora for a neat and stylish Oblong style.

According to the “muff taxonomy” sent in by a previous reader, this style could perhaps also be called the Bikini Muff, or perhaps Wide Strip. Whatever the name, it certainly is a stunner, and looks ravishing in these high quality pictures. See for yourself.

Ms YCMM, you seemed to indicate in your contribution that I should get in touch, but I don’t think I have any contact details. If you like, perhaps you could mail me at gaijinhusband AT gmail dot com. I’d love to hear from you and be able to thank you directly.

In any case, many thanks, and I know our readers will really appreciate this set.

Reader’s Post – K’s Oval

Regular contributor K…. has sent in a little set showing off a neat Oval style. The pubes are trimmed short all over the mons and vulva, and the edge of the bush trimmed back into a neat, oblong oval, almost a rectangle. The result is a smart, modern look that’s fresh and sporty.

Thanks for the pics, as always!

Reader’s Post: Mrs Frank in the great outdoors

Mr and Mrs Frank have sent in some more pictures for the blog, together with a wonderful little story about their pubic styling and naturist adventures.

“Mrs. Frank and I own some wooded property along with a meadow that allows us seclusion from the nearest neighbors. There are a number of bright sunny spots where we enjoy spending time together on warm and sunny afternoons in the late summer after we shed our clothes. We often take a blanket, some folding chairs, have our lunch, and enjoy a bottle of wine or two over quiet conversation.”


Reader’s Post : Postage Stamp and Natural Bush

Anonymous reader K has sent in a few exquisite pictures. Three of these feature the rare ‘Postage Stamp‘ style, aka The Chaplin. This style features a small, neat square of short pubes perched atop the mons, and looks very smart and chic.

But, as if to show us that a natural bush can look just as cute and alluring, he includes these three stunning pictures.


Reader’s Post – Mrs Frank

Long time reader Frank and his lovely wife have sent in a wonderful set of pics to show off Mrs F’s pubic styles.

Frank says “Here’s some photos of my wife that we want to share … We’re a mature married couple, and our 50’s has been in the rearview mirror for some time, so to speak. We’ve been enjoying pubic shaving and styling for many years, although there’s also been times when we’ve gone natural for long periods, but we always go back to shaving sooner or later.” The first two pics in the Franks’ set show a smooth and sexy Full Monty, and a cheeky creative style the Franks call the “Smile Cut”

Frank continues: “This set of photos covers a time span of roughly 10 years, and you can see how my wife’s body has changed during that time. Like the hair on our heads, pubic hair gets thinner and changes color and texture too!”

Reader’s Post : Playful Bush

A kind reader who goes by the name of Playful Bush has sent in a charming set of pics of herself, showing off her pride and joy from various angles. Playful Bush is a long time follower, previous contributor, and frequent commenter to this blog. I know some of our regular readers have been looking forward to this set.

Here are her pictures, in no particular order. Pay attention to the image names – they were chosen by the lady herself. Some of the more intimate ones are after the “More” button.


Reader’s post: Czech Beaver Evolution – parting shot

Mr and Mrs CBE, having delighted us with their many wonderful pictures of their pubic styling adventures, dropped one final image into the anonymous dropbox as a parting gift. And what a beauty it is – a perfectly sweet ‘Sphinx’ or Full Monty, with not a hair left in place.


Thanks again for all the lovely pictures. I wish you many more happy adventures.

Coming up soon, some new pictures from a previous contributor and frequent comments – Ms. Playful Bush.


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