A letter from Japan

Some time back, I posted on the subject of pubic styles in Japan, and the relative lack of popularity of the practice. This prompted a pubicstyle reader in Japan to share her insights into why the idea of pubic styling is still a novelty there (Thanks to reader Plato for putting us in touch).

She says (and I paraphrase a little)..

“I think that most Japanese women don’t think pubic hair is very important. They don’t have an opinion about the design of their pubic hair. But I think that is changing recently, especially the young generation.

When I was a child, my mother always said to me ‘you should hide your pubic hair at the baths or in the changing room. It is good manners.’ So I cover up with a towel or people might think I was vulgar. Especially the older generation.

Demonstrating proper towel etiquette at the hot spring

Demonstrating proper towel etiquette at the hot spring

But as I say, it is changing because we can get a lot of information about everything. Some Japanese women have been influenced by the TV show ‘Sex And The City’. One of my friends told me that she was interested in Bikini waxing because she saw it on ‘Sex And The City’.

Another friend read in a magazine about salons that use stencils. I think she is interested in pubic hair design, but she hasn’t tried it yet. Another friend tried waxing.

When Japanese woman talk about pubic hair, we’re usually talking about bikini line, not design. (I only trimmed around my bikini line. I’ve had a home depilator for my legs and under arm for years.) We feel uneasy about hair on the visible parts of our bodies… There is a culture of hiding pubic hair in Japan. Most Japanese people have black pubic hair, so we can see our pubic hair and shape through our swim wear easily, so we tend to wear underwear under swim wear.

Natural Japanese pubic hair

Natural Japanese pubic hair

I once went to a beauty salon to remove my under arm hair and they had some courses for pubic hair but it was really expensive. But they kept on sending me information about pubic hair for years. It is getting cheaper, so it is getting easier to try it. There were only a few beauty salons before, but now there are more.

Most Japanese woman in the young generation think it is normal, so I think they are trying to trim their pubic hair. On the other hand, some of my friends still don’t talk even about their bikini line, though they are same generation. So I don’t know what they think. I don’t feel comfortable talking about the subject with them. ”

Our correspondent is apparently experimenting with pubic design now. I hope she has fun with her adventures, and doesn’t get too many disapproving looks as the hot spring baths!

Thanks again to K-san and friend Plato.

10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ilikeit
    Jun 19, 2013 @ 22:25:45

    I made an image of a pubic hairstyle collection


  2. Kokto
    Jan 09, 2014 @ 22:02:50

    love this style!!


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  4. japanophile
    Apr 05, 2014 @ 16:01:20

    I have read according to Japanese tradition, and law until around 1990 or so, the only part of the human body that was truly obscene was women’s pubic hair. Porn blogs contain a fair number of young Japanese women, who usually have untrimmed bushes.


  5. jenagoo
    May 26, 2014 @ 22:05:04

    Japnese, Chinese, Vietnamese, girls in general have very nice healthy full lush bushes. That is very good. There’s nothing wrong with having one. That is the sign of a real Girl/woman. There is an aesthetic beauty and allure to it. More and more girls are starting to or and already have realized it. NICE bush! Hehe.


  6. Luke Meadows
    Nov 21, 2014 @ 16:13:22

    I often wondered about how i would be seen in an onsen if i have trimmed or removed hair. here it is more normal for girls to have no hair then hair, and guys are just starting to follow suit. so if i went to an onsen and had no hair, i guess i could expect a few strange looks..


  7. soni
    Nov 03, 2015 @ 14:18:29

    I love girl who has bushy pussy especially japanese girl. I have seen a video in Japan store at Shinjuku, there is a pubic hair fashion demo at the stage. I love japanese girl hairy pussy.


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  9. mar dabo
    Mar 25, 2018 @ 16:38:45

    I admire the Japanese ladies for keeping the tradition of a nice bush alive. I’m guessing that it’s the Japanese men who are behind this; insisting that it be so – good for them.

    Pubic hair on a woman is so naturally alluring that I’m surprised and shocked that this shaving trend has gone so far since it became a trend in the mid 80’s. Even young males say they prefer it. I think they’re stupid.

    Why would such a thing be promoted as beautiful when it only mimics the appearance of prepubescent children?

    Why is this subject never addressed?


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