Pubic grooming has a high injury rate, survey reveals

An article in the UK’s Guardian discussed the results of a survey into injuries caused by pubic grooming. The article is full of fascinating details. For example, “the (survey) results reveal that 5,674 out of 7,456 participants reported that they had, at some point, groomed their pubic hair, with almost 67% of men and just over 85% of women saying they had done so… But the study also found that 27% of women and almost 24% of men came a cropper while tidying up their pubic hair, with 1.4% of groomers saying they had had to seek medical attention as a result. ” Yeouch!

Play safe, people!

Clitoral hood piercing

Anonymous reader K… is very keen to share this picture of her utterly charming clitoral piercing. K.., I’m sorry it took me so long to get around to posting your fantastic pic. That turquoise stone is a perfect counterpoint to your fluffy golden curls. Amazing!

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Genital piercing is relatively new and uncommon in the West, but the practice has a long and widespread tradition in other parts of the world; mentioned in the Karma Sutra and apparently practiced by both me and women of the Dayak tribe of Borneo, who say “That the embrace without this contrivance is plain rice. With it, it is rice with salt.”

And indeed, clitoral piercing is not just an esthetic choice. Read the testimony of these women to learn about the pleasure a hood piercing may bring. Alison, 41, says “Once I got my clitoral piercing, I couldn’t believe what I was missing. I come multiple times now, even from penetration. The added stimulation is amazing…”

A few past contributors also have cool piercings to show off, such as this very recent one, and these, and also these.

But as with all body modification, practice extreme caution and research your subject well before choosing an experienced and qualified practitioner. And be sure to follow all the hygiene precautions afterwards.

K…, thank you so much for sharing.

Emma Watson’s Fur

The internets are a-buzz with the topic of what Emma Watson (formerly Hermione of the Hairy Pooter movies) puts on her pubes, eyebrows and other hairy bits to keep her fuzz soft and healthy. The product in question is a hair oil specifically designed for pubes that goes by the name of “Fur Oil

But if the celeb endorsement isn’t enough to convince you, here’s one woman’s glowing account of trying out the miracle muff oil.

And here’s a gratuitous illustration to complete the mental image.

Reader’s post – Summer Cuts

As spring turns to summer, many a girl’s thoughts turn to hot days at the beach, and getting ready to make the best of a bikini. For some, that will involve a summer trim, neatening up the bikini line, and otherwise pruning the bush. These two reader’s contributions show some sweet and natural-looking summer cuts.

Short and sweet

How to do the ‘stealth shave’

I believe the style is sometimes called ‘the triangle’, but I call it the stealth shave, because it’s a pubic shave that can go unnoticed to the casual observer, say in a swimming pool locker room. Only your lover and your gynecologist will know it’s there. Or actually, not there.

Here’s a video of a young woman demonstrating how she gives herself the stealth shave, in the shower.

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Sweet pain – the art of sugaring

An anonymous reader has sent in the following detailed instructions on the art of sugaring, an ancient hair removal technique that is an alternative to waxing.

“Both My husband and I Sugar at home, and here is how!
Sugar hair removal has been around since ancient times. The first documentation is from Pharonic Egypt. The recipe is simple…sugar, water and lemon juice. No chemicals, no dyes, no strips.”


First how to prepare the Sugar:

• Granulated (regular) sugar 3 cups
• Water 2 cup
• Lemon juice 2 teaspoons
• Ice 2-3 trays


• Mix all the ingredients in a small saucepan and put it over medium heat on the stove.

Reader’s post – Flame style: step by step

My first reaction when I found this anonymous contribution in the dropbox was simply “WOW!”. Here we see, in a set of high quality pictures, a step by step guide to the creation of a perfect Flame or Arrowhead style.

A short message with the pictures simply said “virgin stylist”.

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