Reader’s Post – Czech Beaver Evolution, the bonus pictures

As promised, it’s time for some more in the Czech Beaver series, which I know many have our readers have been eagerly anticipating. This is a series of bonus pics sent in by the contributor of the magnificent Czech Beaver Evolution series.

In this set, we see Mrs CBE showing off her ever changing muff styles in a variety of settings. If you were keeping a tally of the styles Mrs CBE has tried out so far you may be wondering if she ever tried the classic Landing Strip. Wonder no more, for of course she has, and here it is, along with a few variations.

I know you enjoyed the outdoor shots, so here are a few more of Mrs CBE sunning her sensuous curves.

These shots, including an expectant Mrs CBE, reveal her natural bush in all its glory.

And here are a few more different styles and poses for your edification. The last of these is my favorite – raising her hips to show off that cute little pom-pom style!

Thank you so much to Mr and Mrs CBE for these intimate portraits of their sexy pubic styling adventures. We’ve had a great response in the comments to this lovely lady.
I was expecting this post to be the last of the CBE series, but to my delight even more pics from the same generous contributor just dropped into the anonymous Dropbox link, so CBE fans have some more treats to look forward to. Check back again soon!

28 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. HairLover
    Jul 20, 2019 @ 07:47:05

    Oh what can I say … I am overwhelmed by the beautiful pictures.

    First of all, many thanks to CBE for the private insights and the fantastic different styles over the years. You have to be a very happy couple that experiences all the beautiful facets of life together.

    Your wife is beautiful, that picture of the pregnancy is incredibly erotic. The beautiful full breasts and the full bush together with the pregnancy belly are just erotic! I really like the full natural hair here, it is harmonious and very gentle despite the wild!

    The close-up with the complete bush is also beautiful, the curly hair and the shape are like innocence – besides, I would very much like to play with her hair and later try some hairstyles.

    When you look at the pictures on the balcony you can see that women get more beautiful and sexy with age 😊
    Here I really like the completely shaved look, it fits very good for your wife – although I have to say, your wife can really have every hairstyle – and because of the great hair – she can make an incredible number of hairstyles – the more beautiful, that you share all this with us – thank you again!

    The absolute highlight is the Landing Strip – especially the middle picture in the first row – wow!
    I find it very erotic that the lips are completely shaved, just a bit higher, that the hairline is not right at the beginning of the Lips. The hair is again perfect, because of your dense hair, the narrow strip is great, the wide is just right, not too much and not too little – a perfect and very erotic Landing Strip!
    (At this point, I must also praise your great vulva, oh my God is the so delicious – I would prefer directly with my tongue …)

    I was really looking forward to this bonus, the series before that was awesome, with the bonus my joy was more than rewarded – thank you.
    When I read that more pictures are coming, I could hardly believe it – you are a great couple, I am looking forward to the next pictures and I am curious to see what you will surprise us with!

    Many thanks to CBE, especially to Mrs. CBE, for sharing the photos with us and congratulations to Mr. CBE for this great erotic woman.


  2. Frank
    Jul 20, 2019 @ 13:50:03

    Perhaps I’m wrong, but i”m wondering if Mrs. CBE has at one time dyed her lady patch as well. If you look at the right hand photo in the top row of photos in this set, her hair looks very black, while in all of the other photos in this entire incredible series her hair has a golden brown to bronze cast to it. If she dyes, it’s another indication of how willing she is to experiment, be playful, and daring with the ever changing appearance of her vulva! Like Mr. CBE, I’m a very lucky man in that my own wife is not afraid to experiment, not only at my request, but on her own in order to surprise me. And yes, she has dyed her hair in the past as well. Her natural color runs similar to the bronze color of Mrs. CBE and over the years she’s dyed herself dark black, red and even blonde. Dying pubic hair is a careful process and great care must be taken in order to not irritate such a sensitive area, but the efforts can be stunning and exciting. Women are constantly changing the hair styles and the hair color of their heads, so why not do the same around their vulvas for the men in their lives? Like HairLover, I’m anxiously awaiting for the next set of photos of this sexy lady who is willing to be daring and ever creative with her pubic hair and vulva. And by the way, the top center photo of your landing strip and parted lips is fantastic! My wife and I love your delicate inner and outer labia and your vaginal entrance. More please!


  3. Frank
    Jul 20, 2019 @ 15:39:16

    I’ve been meaning to REALLY thank the keeper of this blog for re-energizing this site in the past 6 or 8 months after a long hiatus. I missed it when you took so much time away. Anyway, your site is greatly appreciated and highly informative. White there can literally be found millions of photos of shaved and trimmed vulvas all over the internet, your site is refreshing and unique in that you add your commentary and allow us to tastefully comment as well. You’ve also shared an enormous variety of styles and shapes that has kept us entertained, curious, and given us ideas for our partners to experiment with and for us try out on our partners. Shaving together is another way to share each other’s intimacy, not to mention that it’s FUN and cam lead to great intercourse and oral sex! There’s nothing quite like the feeling of uninhibited skin to skin contact when making love. If I can get my somewhat shy wife’s permission, I may share a few of the styles we’ve come up with over our many of our completely monogamous, married, heterosexual years together- starting in the mid 1970’s.

    Anyway, thanks so much for your efforts, and please keep things coming. I hope you don’t take anymore extended time away from us anytime soon.


  4. Playfull Bush
    Jul 21, 2019 @ 18:07:45

    Representimg the ladies here I stumbled onto your site a few years back and look forward to new posts and even re-read older posts. I shared your site with my girlfriends as they were always asking why I don’t go “bare” as some of my bush has been posted here before (submitted new ones with more to come) Some of them have even taken steps towards “razor rebellion” with one friend of mine going EXTREME bush. I’m working on getting her to show off her beautiful bush on this blog that has and is empowering women to do whatever they want too with their lady gardens. Keep it up!

    Does your wife still rock a bush or is she doing something different now a days


    • HairLover
      Jul 22, 2019 @ 08:56:48

      Hello Playfull Bush,
      I like the movement that women tend to be the way they like it, not being what fashion dictates.
      I look forward to the full bush pictures or the extreme bush pictures, the variety of styles is welcome – and after years of eiheihts look “monty” or “bare” it is a refreshment for the eyes 🙂
      Pleas post…


      • Playfull Bush
        Jul 22, 2019 @ 11:24:33

        Thank you Hairlover,

        I will share as my styles change. Fpr the longest time I’ve sported pretty much a nice bush with the occasional bikini trim. Just recently while on vacation me and my husband were sitting in a grato and as time passed a few others got in. The water is clear and natural stone seats were there and my husband said, “baby you look good but I can see your pussy hair poking out and through your bikini bottoms.” I replied with, “maybe thats why I keep getting stares.”

  5. Frank
    Jul 22, 2019 @ 08:45:03

    Right now she’s sporting a cute and tasteful heart shape! Thanks for asking. BTW, which of your photos have been posted here in the past? Can’t wait to see your new ones.


    • Playfull Bush
      Jul 22, 2019 @ 11:16:40

      Hey Frank,

      Thank you for response. Would love to have her share her different styles. I haven’t tried a heart yet but may try to surprise the hubby with that one.

      I have been on blog as “Natures Bermuda Triangle” and “Cutely Tousled.” I just subitted some along with previous ones posted and more to come as I try new styles.


      • pubicstyle
        Jul 30, 2019 @ 15:01:19

        Hi Playfull Bush,
        Thanks for your pictures! When I first saw them I thought I recognized you! Some are perhaps a little too x-rated for the WordPress moderators, so I might need to do some creative trimming. I hope you don’t mind.

      • Playfull Bush
        Jul 30, 2019 @ 18:52:14


        Thank you for your reply. I do understand and you may do what is needed however I dont mind if the originals are seen. As I continue to change my styles and submit I will make sure lighting and other things are better. Thank you again. My hubby and I look forward to the post

  6. Frank
    Jul 24, 2019 @ 12:55:57

    I’m trying to gently talk her into sharing some photos with the group, but she’s pretty self conscious about her stretch marks. As she’s aged, they’ve gotten more pronounced. What do you think? Would it gross you people out?


    • HairLover
      Jul 24, 2019 @ 14:35:47

      Hey Frank,
      absolutely no way !
      We all get older and have our quirks – no matter everyone is beautiful and it’s good as we are.
      I would be very happy about the pictures, maybe this also encourages my wife to show her pictures 🙂


    • Frank
      Jul 30, 2019 @ 19:23:04

      Can you tell us where the line is drawn as to what is and isn’t too x-rated for you to post? Can you tell us what PlayfulBush sent that isn’t acceptable without you having to edit her photos? Just wondering so that future submitters, and possibly we, don’t submit something unacceptable for your consideration.
      Thanks, Frank


  7. Playfull Bush
    Jul 24, 2019 @ 15:27:01

    Beauty is far deeper than “bush” styles and intimate pics of our lady gardens. Whether photos are shared or not from one female to others be confident in everything even when the world says it should be or look otherwise.


  8. Frank
    Jul 25, 2019 @ 12:03:02

    Well, she’s agreed to share a few photos with the group provided that I Photo Shop her stretchmarks. I’ll give that a try. and send some in a few days, I promise. Like I said, she’s pretty self conscious about those stretchies! She also asks that HairLover submits some of his wife’s photos, and she’s asking Pubicstyle to hold onto hers until he gets some of Mrs. HairLover’s share. What do you think Mr. and Mrs. HairLover? We can’t wait to see Playfull Bush’s latest, so come on PubicStyle, keep posting on a regular basis!


  9. HairLover
    Jul 25, 2019 @ 14:20:12

    Hi Frank,
    I’m trying my best, she’s still shy, I’m talking with angels. I also wish to share the pictures – I love my beautiful wife and think she is beautiful!
    I’ll get in touch as soon as something new comes up.
    So cross the fingers…


  10. Frank
    Jul 25, 2019 @ 19:39:32

    My wife is shy too and certainly not an exhibitionist, but she’s now willing to share a few photos with the group as long as I promise that her face or any other recognizable things in the room don’t appear in any pictures. She had to think about it for a while before consenting to share. Give your wife some time and maybe she’ll come around like mine did when I assured her that no one will recognize her in any way, and that Pubicstyle keeps things as discreet as possible. Maybe if you explain to her that she can remain completely anonymous and discreet, she’ll come around sooner than you think, but whatever you do, DON’T pressure her into something she is uncomfortable with. Good luck, and my fingers are crossed for you!


  11. Frank
    Jul 29, 2019 @ 11:45:34

    As promised, I sent a set of my wife’s photos to Pubicstyle and am asking him to hold onto them until he receives some of your wife too. Hopefully she’s coming around to the idea.


  12. HairLover
    Jul 29, 2019 @ 12:38:16

    Hi Frank,
    as I wrote above, I asked my wife, had also given her the ideas and arguments of you. Likewise, I told her that I will be all Photoshop, but unfortunately she did not agree. She just does not feel well … a pity, but I will respect the will of my wife … maybe she will think again …


    • pubicstyle
      Jul 30, 2019 @ 15:10:19

      Hi HairLover,
      Sad to hear your wife is having second thoughts, but good on you for respecting her decision. Wishing you both all the best! Please keep coming back as readers and commenters.


  13. Frank
    Jul 29, 2019 @ 14:27:34

    A disappointment, for sure. I’ll ask my wife if she’ll reconsider allowing her photos to be released, even though your wife refuses to share hers. We spent the last few days going through some of her photos, choosing the best ones, and then Photo Shopping the stretch marks and other things that can be recognizable. We have enough photos for many postings at this time! I hope your wife changes her mind in the future.We’d love to see how she styles her lady area. I’ll get back to you and let you know if she agrees to release the photos.


    • pubicstyle
      Jul 30, 2019 @ 14:50:31

      Hi Frank,

      Thanks for your kind supportive comments. I’m pleased that you and your wife are finding the blog interesting and that it’s stimulating your creativity. And of course thanks to you and your lovely wife for the delightful set of pictures. I’m keeping them locked away until I hear from you on what you want to do. If your wife is having seconds thoughts, be assured I will delete the files if you instruct me to, and they will never see the light of day. (Though I’m sure our reader’s would love to see them!) Let me know your decision, either in the comments, or by dropping a text file into the dropbox. I’ll wait to hear from you.



  14. Frank
    Jul 30, 2019 @ 19:39:17

    I should have a definite answer as to our decision regarding posting the photos very, very shortly. It’s just a matter of an hour or 2 before Mrs. Frank gets home and we’ll we’ll make our decision then. Perhaps if we say go ahead and post them, Mrs.HairLover will come around and send you some of hers..


  15. Frank
    Jul 31, 2019 @ 00:56:15

    After talking it over for a a short time, we’ve decided to allow the photos we submitted to pubicstyle be posted. We came to the conclusion that we couldn’t ask others, like HairLover, to submit their photos for the group if we wouldn’t do the same. Don’t want to be hypocrites and want to lead by example. Hopefully pubicstyle will put them up shortly for all to enjoy.You’ll know without a doubt which are the ones that we submitted! We can’t wait to see the latest offerings that PlayfulBush sent.

    Please don’t consider this next paragraph as a double post. I wrote this earlier and I accidentally posted it above, so I’m copying it here in case you miss it.Please forgive me for my mistake.

    Can you tell us where the line is drawn as to what is and isn’t too x-rated for you to post? Can you tell us what PlayfulBush sent that isn’t acceptable without you having to edit her photos? Just wondering so that future submitters, and possibly we, don’t submit something unacceptable for your consideration.
    Thanks, Frank


    • pubicstyle
      Jul 31, 2019 @ 12:42:10

      Hi Frank,

      Here’s what WordPress’s ‘mature content’ policy says (in part):

      “Mature blogs and their owners are permitted to utilize all other aspects of We do not suspend blogs solely for the presence of mature content and there are no interstitials or other “age gates” on
      However, there are limitations to the mature content permitted on our service. Please don’t:
      – Post visual depictions of sexually explicit acts (such as, but not limited to, images, videos, and drawings) that can be considered pornographic;”

      … and various other clauses.
      Actually, the blog got taken down briefly once, but they brought it back up again when I appealed. So. the policy is open to interpretation, but I generally take it to mean no images of sex, no penetration, and probably nothing too, erm, … gynaecological. I hope that helps!


  16. Frank
    Jul 31, 2019 @ 15:20:03

    I read the mature content policy and it appears that it’s open to interpretation as to what is and what isn’t considered to be acceptable, especially what is and isn’t deemed as pornographic I understand your need to be careful. I guess if we decide to send more sets of photos to you, you’ll have to let us know if we crossed your line. Don’t want you getting suspended again. We’d all be heartbroken if that happened.
    Thanks for responding to my questions!


  17. pubicstyle
    Aug 01, 2019 @ 14:39:33

    Thanks Frank, and Mrs Frank. I’ll be posting your pics soon!


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