Reader’s post: Girl with a pearl…Updated!

[UPDATED with extra pictures!]

Perhaps inspired by the previous post on clitoral hood piercing, another anonymous contributor sent in some very revealing pictures of her own bejeweled lovebud.

In the first selfie, it looks like she’s sporting a jeweled stud, but the second two close ups leave us in no doubt about the elegant and sensual pearl stud that she’s wearing. This little pearl barbell nestling along the clitoris, combined with her smoothly shaved mons has got to be quite the sensory overload.

Click though the cropped picture below for the full images. (Warning: graphic images ahead!)

Girls with a pearl…

Thank you so much for this amazing contribution, dear reader.
UPDATE (July 8th): And extra thanks for the two terrific new pictures you just sent in showing off your other sexy little studs, and your matching belly button pierce.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

If other reader’s are inspired by these pics, please bear in mind that not all women are good candidates for this kind of piercing. There’s some detailed advice here for anyone considering it.

I just want to take this opportunity to give a shout out to the many other contributors who may be wondering when their pics will get posted, especially Miss L..h for her outstanding documentary of her pubic tattoo. I will be posting them soon. Thanks for all your pics.

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