Reader’s post extra – update from “Keeping in trim”

The contributor of the magnificent pictures shown in our previous post “Keeping in trim” is back with another set of pics.

The sender also left a little note with the pictures. (Yes, you can drop text files into the anonymous Dropbox folder if you want to leave amessage.)

It reads: “I made a little series of the latest haircut for my special someone – I thought your readers might enjoy it too!”

I’m very sure they will.

The first three pics (selfies?) show off her perfectly proportioned Bermuda Triangle style from above. She’s incorporated a neat V line in the top of the triangle this time, which I’m guessing could be her natural pubic hair line. The result is a kind of subtle Chevron that looks very suave.

There’s one more pic that shows off the care taken to keep her cool pubic style neat below. It’s a very intimate pic, so only click “more” if you’re prepared for a full-on close up.

Click for the full picture

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rocky
    Sep 07, 2017 @ 17:47:03

    Very nice. It’s wonderful that the lady isn’t afraid to share the beautiful intimacy of her stunning vulva adorned with her equally beautifully styled pubic hair. Thanks for sharing yourself with us.


  2. Frank
    Sep 08, 2017 @ 13:10:10

    Somewhere there’s a real lucky guy out there. Soooooo smooth,


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