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Just as a different frame can change the perception of a work of art, a new hair style (on your head!) can transform the way you look. A successful new ‘do’ can give your confidence a real boost.

As above, so below, as the saying is, and indeed a new pubic style can completely change the aesthetic of your nether regions.

Here is a selection of before and after shots, illustrating the dramatic changes a shave or waxing can achieve.

Behold the power of styled pubes!

Behold the transforming power of styled pubes!

Remember, you can post your own pubic styles to this blog anonymously. It would be great to see your before and after shots!

Reader’s post – Full Monty with a suprise

“Cleanly shaven with my little ornament!” says our latest anonymous contributor, who gives us this set of four intimate pics of her Full Monty style. The ‘little ornament’ is just peeking through in the final photo. Hello!

Peek a boo

Peek a boo

Many thanks to this adventurous lady for sharing her shaven haven and little silver secret with us.

Keep the pics coming!

Reader’s post – ‘postage stamp’ and mini triangle

Many thanks to the anonymous contributor who provided these two delightful pictures. The left photo shows a tufty little postage stamp or Chaplin style, while in the image on the right the same lady has carefully crafted a tiny triangle cut.

I think you’ll agree, both styles look as cute as kittens, and very sexy too.

Cute little tufts

Cute little tufts

No note was left with this contribution, so there’s not much more I can add, except to express my thanks again to the sender for these charming photos.

Note: Dbinbox seems to be temporarily down. I’ll let readers know when it’s working again.

DBinbox is working fine now, so please continue to send in your own pubic style pics.

Waxing – personal accounts

Here is one UK woman’s personal, funny and straight-talking account of her first and subsequent experience with waxing for a totally bare pudenda. In this post she gives practical advice and discusses her reasons for her choice to go bare down there.

Wax lyrical

Wax lyrical

And here’s another personal account of the Brazilian waxing experience in the US.

Asymmetry (a photoshopped fantasy)

A while back, a commenter mentioned the idea of asymmetric pubic styles. I’ve been keeping an eye out for them ever since, but the closest I’ve come to finding some were the Pi, Lightning Bolt and Hare’s Tail styles seen here.

So lacking any strikingly unbalanced styles from the real world to post, I decided to ‘shop up some fantasy asymmetric styles of my own design.

Let me know what you think.

Asymmetric styles

Asymmetric styles

By the way, don’t forget that you can contribute your own pubic style pics safely and anonymously via my Dropbox Inbox.

Hip Snips

Wooncha know, there’s a book about pubic styling…and you can get it on Amazon. (No, I’m not the author.)

Hip Snips

Hip Snips

According to the blurb: “Hip Snips features illustrated instructions for styling your pubic hair in a variety of chic and fashionable designs, including:


The Vajazzle as Art

First up, photographer Johnny Milstein has a series of high-resolution pictures from a shoot he did for Vancouver waxing boutique Cutie Pie Wax Bar

Cutie Pie Vajazzles

Cutie Pie Vajazzles

And heading into even more heavily encrusted regions, we have a series of elaborate vajazzling shots from another photographer, Frances Goodman, who says on his site “the photographic works of adorned, nude female torsos are a response to the commodification of the female body and its use in the media”.

Frances Goodman's work

Frances Goodman’s work

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