Celebrity pubes – Kathy Lee prefers it natural

US readers will presumably be familiar with the names Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb. These two TV celebs revealed their pubic preferences to the greater public on national TV recently.

More unique looks

Here is another selection of unique and unclassifiable pubic hair styles, scrounged from the interwebs for your inspiration.

More unique styles

More unique styles

The lady on the left is showing off a neatly defined duck’s-foot or barbed arrow style. This would take a steady hand and a fine razor to execute. Or perhaps a stencil.

Our next model has gone for a neat geometric pentagon.

The third style looks straightforward at first, but it’s the flat top that truncates the top of the bold oval that gives it a very modern look.

Finally, we have a very unusual split style. Bunny ears? Cloven hoof? I don’t know what it is, but there’s something quite sci-fi about this design.

Reader’s post – before, after, and after again

Here’s a delightful set of pictures from an anonymous reader that show the transforming effect of a change of pubic styles.

There was no note with the pictures, but the file names revealed their dates, so I was able to arrange them in order. The pictures show the contributor with a sexy-looking diamond/marquise/teardrop style, then returning to a natural look, before once again returning to the diamond, before letting her hair grow out again.

Some diamonds are not forever.

Some diamonds are not forever.

I asked for before and after pictures, and this kind poster has delivered in double, and given us a terrific portrait of a pubic style changing over the space of four years. My thanks to you, dear reader.

One can’t help but wonder what style you’re wearing now…

Reader’s post – landing strip

My thanks to an anonymous reader who sends in the following photo and message :
“Hey I’m from H…… ,I started reading your website for finding ideas for my pubic hair style. And this is my first time to show others mine here. I’d love to know if guys love it or not b’cos it will b a surprise for my boyfriend (we are having a long distance relationship) so by the time I see him will be 4months later. Please do comment, thanks”

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Well, dear reader, I’m a guy, and I love it!

I must say you’ve done a very professional job – clean straight lines and perfect symmetry. Very sexy and very smart. I’m sure your BF will love it too.

Guys, your comments please!

Sandra Bullock’s pink pubes

Ok, so the story is an old one, but I thought it would be a public service to revive it as a warning to those planning to dye their pubes.

Back in 2010, star Sandra Bullock decided she’d surprise her boyfriend on Valentine’s Day with a pink heart pubic style. Things went painfully wrong after the bleaching. Full article here, and another one here.

In the pink

In the pink

As the pictures show, dying can be done safely and effectively. But be sure to use a pube-safe dye, and follow the instructions carefully.

Reader’s post – a question of tweezing and plucking

Pubistyle reader Ms A… has sent me a photo and a question via the anonymous dropbox. She says: “I have few questions. How often do you tweeze?”.

Then, referring to her photo she says “This is what happens with my area after 10 days. On some sites they write that you need to tweeze every 4/5 weeks. But it looks like to stay fully clean there is need to do it more often (every week, or few times per week would be ideal).”

“Does hair grow after tweezing with different speed? It probably takes same time in total to tweeze, no matter how often you do it. So is more often better?”

10 days later

10 days later

Well, A…, I don’t have experience with tweezing as a way of removing pubic hair, so I had to do a little research.


Reader’s post – three trimmed quims

We’ve had a mini-flood of anonymous contributions this past week, with pictures sent in by three different readers.

Our first contributor says “Hello :). I just wanted to share what I’ve been doing to my pubic hair lately.” Well, thank you for sharing. I’m sure our readers will very much appreciate these nicely shot pictures of your ‘short cut’ style. Is that perhaps a subtle heart motif you have there?

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Our second poster writes “Hi! Im J…! I’m from A…… and decided to go bald today after reading your blog! Feeling so smooth, & think it looks great, but I have to wait until redness goes away… What do you think? Aren’t labia great? Thanks for the blog!”


Thanks to you, J from A, for sending in this picture of your new Full Monty style. I agree, it looks great! I hope the redness has gone by now and you’re enjoying the new smooth you. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the blog.


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