Reader’s post – before and after waxing

A couple of weeks back I found a couple of close-up selfies in the anonymous dropbox along with the message “growing out my hair for waxing”.

Then, just I was finally getting around to posting them after my summer break, and much to my delight, a set of follow up pictures arrived from the same poster. This time the message was “Hi! Just did my first wax!!”

So here we have some very up close and personal pics of pre and post waxing. They really do show what a thorough job a good wax will do in removing that hair. The results are smooth as the proverbial baby’s bottom.

From hair to bare

From hair to bare

Congratulations to the poster on her new smooth look. Thank you so much for sending your pictures. It’s great to see both the before and after shots. I hope you’re enjoying the new sensations of your Full Monty.

Reader’s posts – variety is the spice

Readers have been very generous with their anonymous picture posts these last few weeks. I had a little summer vacation, so I have some catching up to do. Apologies to the posters for making you wait so long to see your pictures in the blog. Anyway, here’s a little roundup of recent contributions.

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

At the top right, we have a delightful Bermuda Triangle style. The contributor of this fantastic picture says “This is my girlfriend after I shaved her. We both like it. Greetings from Serbia.” Well, greetings to you too. Your girlfriend is looking very sexy in her new style!


Reader’s post – Cross Hairs

An anonymous reader post tipped me off to the story of a Carnegie Mellon art student who caused a kerfuffle with her pseudo-religious nude fancy-dress at a campus festival, naked from the waist down and with her pubes shaved in the shape of a cross. Some Catholics were not amused.

Naked pope woman's cruciform pubes

Naked pope woman’s cruciform pubes

Perhaps inspired by the story, the poster sent in a picture of their own Cruciform style, which they’ve given an extra wicked twist by inverting the cross. I’ve got to hand it to you, it really works well with the rest of your body art. Thanks for the pictures, guys.

Our reader's inverted cruciform

Our reader’s inverted cruciform

Reader’s post – three’s company

Here are some pictures sent in by three different readers.
The first contributor, on the left, tells us that she’s just given herself “a new look”. The look she’s gone for is the classic Bermuda, and very sexy it looks too.
Our second contributor has sent in a selfie, but no message. She seems to be growing out from a Landing Strip, maybe in preparation for a new style. Or perhaps she’s going to keep the Short Cut look.
Contributor number three, on the right, sends in a self-shot picture too. She says “Just updated my Brazilian fresh from my holiday”. Looks like you got a great tan too.

Three's company

Three’s company

My thanks to these three generous posters for sharing their pubic stylings with the blog.

Incidentally, another kind poster sent in two pictures of a style in progress, with the comment “Going for a ‘diamond’ hair style”. Unfortunately, there was no pic of the completed style. I’m hoping you did manage to stay focused and get a picture of the diamond. It would be great if you could send it in so I can post the complete the sequence.

I have a few more reader’s styles to post soon, so watch this space!

Classic style – short cut

Here’s another classic style, and one that seems to be quite popular recently, the Short Cut.

It looks simple enough – just the natural shape of the pubic area, trimmed to about a centimeter in length. But if you don’t have the right equipment, it could be tricky to do. Unless you’re pretty skilled with your scissors, trimming by hand could result in uneven patches. An adjustable electric hair trimmer is probably the way to go.


Alternatively, you could just do the Full Monty, and then sit back and wait a month. Voila, short cut!

As reader Jessica commented “I did a Brazilian recently (although it was nice) I prefer having pubic hair. I luv this style cause you can still rock your pube hair but in a neat way.”

Reader’s post: high-def triangle

Here is a magnificent photograph of a perfectly executed Bermuda Triangle, in glorious HD. Thank you so much to the anonymous poster who dropped this into the dropbox.

Click to enlarge

Click to really enlarge

With this large, detailed image one can clearly see just how close a good shave can be. So sexy!

The Triangle style is currently top of the trimmed styles in our poll of men’s favorites, and with a beautiful example like this, it’s easy to see why.

Reader’s post – new Vee

An anonymous reader in India sends in two delightful snapshots: before and after her first pubic styling.

She’s gone for one of the more dramatic styles – the Vee. In a message along with her pics she says “Just tried it for the first time. I dont know how it looks. From India.”

Flying V

Flying V

Our kind contributor has given her Vee a bold look by going for a strong broad line, and letting the shape of the V follow the natural V of her pubes.

Thank you, dear reader, for sending in your pics! I hope you continue to have fun experimenting with pubic styling.


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