Reader’s post – one offs

Here’s a round up of single shots sent in by different women via the anonymous dropbox over the past few months.

Reader's styles

Reader’s styles

On the left we have a soft and fluffy stripe that’s somewhere between a Landing Strip and a Flame style, followed by a Minimalist Short Crop. Third up, we have next a neat, sharp Pencil Line (I think a ruler was involved !), and finally a bold flying Heart design.

Thank you so much to the contributors for these super sexy shots. Variety is the spice of life!

Reader’s post – in praise of the bush (updated)

We seem to be talking more and more about the return to natural pubes. Apropos of which, one anonymous reader sends in her pictures from her own journey back to nature. natural pubes.

One year's regrowth

One year’s regrowth

She says “About one year of growth on my bush. So it is about halfway grown in. Full bush in my experience takes about three years to grow. Also, I am not very hairy, so have a small bush. ” Well, I must say your bush is looking wonderfully warm and sensuous. I love the picture on the right, by the way… the lines, tones and shadows are so soft and classical. Thanks for sending your pics!

UPDATE: Today in the dropbox is a message from the anonymous poster of the pics. She says:

In response to my recent post of my one year bush. This seems slightly more anonymous than the comments page. So, first off, not back to nature. I grew up this way and never heard of anything else until the last few years. So this is normal. I have tried removing or trimming my hair, but it hurts a lot.


Reader’s post – A bold arrow

An anonymous reader has sent in a few pictures of her transformation from wild bush to a bold downward pointing arrow. And what an eye-catching and erotic shape she has created here.

This way please!

This way please!

I’ve posted on Arrow styles before. The simpler up or down pointing triangle is a popular choice, but this bold barbed arrow takes a bit more commitment to craft. As you can see from the photos, the effect is amazing. Thank you for sharing your style with us!.

We’re back

The blog was taken down briefly yesterday, and I thought that was the end of it. But I’m happy to say that after contacting the kind people at WordPress, it seems that the shutdown was the result of an automated process, and after reviewing the blog they’ve reinstated it. Yay!

Two new reader’s posts coming soon!


Reader’s post – a year in pictures

The young woman who contributed the pictures in our recent item ‘Reader’s Post – Bermuda Triangle‘ has sent some more pictures – a terrific set showing the evolution of her pubes over the course of 2013 from bare Sphinx to a Square look.

She says “I’m from Germany. My name is S….. and I’m 20 years old. I liked your post about my pubic style a lot, so here are my pubic styles during the whole year!”.

Pubes for all seasons

Pubes for all seasons

Thank you so much, Miss S, for the hot new pictures. It is fascinating to see how different styles change one’s ‘look’, especially the contrast from all bare to even just a short pubes. But you look so sexy in all seasons! We hope you’ll keep us updated on your style in 2014.

Wigging out

Another artist is at it with the merkins again. A merkin, for the uninitiated, is a pubic wig. Back in Novermber 2012 , I posted a link to an art project featuring wild and colourful merkins.

This time, artist/photographer Rhiannon Schneiderman has decided to express her “frustration with the idea of ‘femininity’ and gender roles” by getting her kit off and posing naked with a variety of huge wigs attached to her crotch.

Lady manes

Lady manes

According to an article on the photos by HuffPo, “The series gives a definitive ‘hell no’ to the objectification of women, and the pressures put upon them to conform to beauty standards — even with regards to their pubic hair.”

Reader’s Gallery #2

In March 2013 Pubicstyle launched a way for reader’s to contribute their own styles to the PubicStyle blog, and it’s proved to be a popular feature. There were times when we received so many magnificent contributions that it was hard to keep up, for which I apologize to those who had to wait for their pictures to be featured.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to all those proud posters who used the anonymous Dropbox to share beautiful bushes with the readers. It was wonderful and inspiring to see such a wide variety of styles from bare to hair and everything in between.

By way of a tribute, here’s a look back at some of the contributions received since the previous reader’s gallery in June.

The second reader's gallery of 2013

The second reader’s gallery of 2013

Sorry if I may have missed in composing this gallery, or if I overlooked anyone’s favorite pic.

Just a reminder to those who may want to share: the dropbox is a way for you to post pictures to us in complete anonymity. There’s no need for you to create an ID, leave a name or email address, and there’s not even any record of your IP address when you drag a picture into the dropbox.

(Incidentally, the Dropbox itself is a free site run by just one guy as far as I can tell, and sometimes there are temporary glitches. So if you sent posted something but for some reason it didn’t go through, I have no way of contacting you other than to broadcast an appeal on these pages asking you to give it another shot.)

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