Reader’s post – bare and blue

After all the recent post on the resurgence of the natural bush, here are two reader’s striking back with their bared pudenda.

The first three pictures seem to have been taken in a tanning salon, the light from the UV sending the camera’s white balance into a Mystique-like realm that even Photoshop’s skin tone correction could not handle, so I just lightened them up a little, and present them here in their aquamarine glory.

The poster of these selfies is sporting a Full Monty, with perhaps just a tuft above the clitoral hood at times, which always looks cute. Thanks, blue lady!

Daring to be bare

Daring to be bare

The second poster has given us a dramatic before and after pair, proudly showing off her luscious labia for good measure. She comments simply “My pussy shaven bare to full bush”. Thanks to you too, bush master.

By the way, if the lady who left a message in the dropbox back on Nov 26th saying “since then, here is how I sport around year round” is reading this…I think perhaps there was a problem because I didn’t find any picture files. If you still want to share, please try again.

Cheers, GH

Reader’s post – Gothic arch?

Here’s a fresh and eyecatching style from an anonymous contributor, in the shape of a carefully crafted crown of short pubes.

It’s quite a distinctive shape, reminiscent of an Up-Arrow style, but lower, and with a curved underside. The picture on the left shows a more pointy version – like the arch of a classical Thai roof, while the one on the right is more curved, like a graceful Gothic arch.

Arch-style pubes

Arch-style pubes

The poster tells us: “As you can see, I’m definitely not of the ‘go overboard’ variety. I like simplicity. I pluck all the hair up front with a tweezer, then shave the rest, because otherwise it’s effin painful.”

She goes on to ask “Tell me- How Do Porn Stars Do It?”
I’m not sure, but I think wax and lasers are involved. So, still painful. 😦

Many thanks for these terrific pics. I love your style.

Reader’s post – adventurous in Germany

A surprise message appeared in the Dropbox together with a picture from one of the women featured in my previous post “Extremophiles”. It was from the proud owner of the exclamation mark style.

She says “it’s me with the exclamation 🙂 ..I’m from Germany with a lovely pussy 🙂 “.

Lovely indeed, so I’ve posted the original here again, together with the V-style picture she sent, and her newest contribution, a Full Monty. Thank you, anonymous contributor, for all the pictures. We look forward to seeing what style you try next.

Pubic adventures

Pubic adventures

UPDATE (12/17):
Our German correspondent has kindly sent another picture showing off another of her adventurous looks. This time showing off her Yul Brynner in snazzy pair of crotchless briefs. Wow!


“Put down the hot wax”

The British newspaper “The Daily Mail” reports the results of a survey carried out in the UK by online pharmacy UK Medix which reveals that 51% of women don’t groom their pubes, and 62% of men prefer their partners to keep the natural look.

While those numbers don’t quite tally with our own (admittedly unscientific) poll, the survey does add weight to the impression that there’s a good many men and women who prefer the natural look, and that alarmist articles about the “war on pubes” were off the mark.

The Mail article goes on to reveal that Gwyneyth Paltrow, and perhaps surprisingly, Lady Gaga sport a full wild bush.

Fuzz is back

Fuzz is back

Reader’s post – Extremophiles

Today’s post is a selection of pictures from our wilder readers.

At top left we start off with a novel design we might call ‘The Exclamation”. There was no comment from the poster, but an accompanying pic indicted that she’d also tried the V-cut.

Moving round the clock, we have a beautiful example of the Sphinx or Brazillian style. You can’t trim closer than this!

Reader's 'Extreme Styles'

Reader’s ‘Extreme Styles’


Reader’s post – blonde pubes

A kind reader sends in these pictures of her platinum pubes. She says here are “various stages of my blonde pubic hair.” I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Bright pubes!

Bright pubes!

Thank you so much for sharing your pics. Your peachy muff looks absolutely delightful.

(Sorry I took so long to get around to posting.)

Poll results – men’s favorite styles

I let the latest poll run on longer than I had intended, but it seems that no matter how long I let it run, the result was never in doubt.

By a clear margin, the top pick in our poll of men’s favorite pubic styles was…(drum roll)… the natural bush, with nearly 33% of the vote! One third of all respondents!

Natural bush - demonstrated by a professional.

Natural bush – demonstrated by a professional.

I must say, I was surprised, especially since one might think that a blog such as this would tend to attract fans of the more trimmed muffin.

But before we get too carried away, and throw away our Venus Divine razors, we should consider the result another way. Two thirds of guys who responded prefer women with some kind of pubic hair styling going on.


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