Reader’s post – experimenting

Here’s a delightful set of pics from a Pubicstyle reader. This lady clearly likes to experiment with different looks.

The glorious pictures in the series below wonderfully illustrate again the impact even a small change in hair length or pubic outline can have. And judging from the pics she was clearly having fun trying out her different styles. It wasn’t just her creative juices that were flowing!

Warning: there are large and intimate pictures below. But first, here’s a little teaser!



Reader’s post – short and curlies

More contributions from Pubicstyle fans, this time proudly displaying their short and curly styles. The short style needn’t just be a way station on the return from a Full Monty. Even if the outline of the bush is left unaltered, cropping the hair short can create a sporty Mediterranean look. It’s a great style for summer!

This first lady’s dark hair looks great in a short crop, setting off her pale skin and luscious labia magnificently.

Short and sweet

Short and sweet

While the second contributor seems to have a finer lighter hair, which makes the short look delightfully soft and fluffy. But from the contributors comments, it seems this short look may be a natural one. She says “I have always been a thin person but think it is interesting to see what happens when you keep a ‘natural’ and (in my case, unexpectedly) gain weight. ” Nonetheless, the result is delightful.


Shock and awe

In some wild corners of the world women are going all out to create the most shocking and awe inspiring looks for their pussies. Forget the vajazzle, if you really want to make an impact you better be prepared to break out the piercings, the tattoo needle, the hair dye, and… the feathers!

Shocking and awesome!

Shocking and awesome!

If, on the other hand, the thought of revealing such fantastic creations in your gym’s locker room, or at the gynecologists office gives you pause, there are less permanent ways to get dramatic results.

There’s non-piercing labia and clitoral jewelery for a start. Body paint can look fantastic if well done, and is easily removed. And there are all kinds of body decals, like these for example.

Thanks to the kind reader who dropped the left hand pic into the dropbox and inspired this post.

One reader’s appeal for reason

A reader posted the following honest, balanced and well-argued and highly personal piece appealing for more consideration and sensitivity in the whole issue of pubes. She writes:

“I would like to hear about how much you care for what the women feel, the pleasure they receive, in an honest way. I would also like to know that you care about the etiquette of touching sensually pubic hair, rather than just touching skin first. I would like to think that the sensation of what a woman feels is most important.


I know my experience may be extreme, but when I shaved or waxed, I was in near constant pain for weeks or months. I have only done this a few times in my life for a few months at a time. I could feel that my lips would be soft to touch, they felt good on my fingers, and I understand why you might like them that way, and I know that shaving and waxing doesn’t hurt every woman, day in and day out, but I don’t think you actively acknowledge those of us that experience this discomfort. Obviously, I won’t keep trying to get over this discomfort, but will continue on with my wonderful, natural bush.


Future pubes

A reader dropped this wild thing into the dropbox some time ago. Pubes of The Future! Space Bush 1999! The Exotic Shape of Things to Come!!

The alien women in Star Trek had pubes like this

The alien women in Star Trek had pubes like this

Poll results – men’s favorite styles

I let the latest poll run on longer than I had intended, but it seems that no matter how long I let it run, the result was never in doubt.

By a clear margin, the top pick in our poll of men’s favorite pubic styles was…(drum roll)… the natural bush, with nearly 33% of the vote! One third of all respondents!

Natural bush - demonstrated by a professional.

Natural bush – demonstrated by a professional.

I must say, I was surprised, especially since one might think that a blog such as this would tend to attract fans of the more trimmed muffin.

But before we get too carried away, and throw away our Venus Divine razors, we should consider the result another way. Two thirds of guys who responded prefer women with some kind of pubic hair styling going on.


Reader’s post – Heartful

Here’s the kind of picture set I know we all love – a demonstration of the magical transformations that different styles can achieve.

Yes, these four pictures are of the same beautiful woman. Her partner comments simply “She’s got my heart”, and I think we can see why… And where!

I ♥ Hearts

I ♥ Hearts

In these delightful pictures she shows off four subtly different heart designs, from soft rounded love hearts to an angular, almost V-style design.

The picture above is a big one (click to enlarge), but since the contributor had sent me such high quality pics, I did want to share them in as close to the original size as I could.

My apologies to the contributor for taking so long to post them.

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