Reader’s megapost

Here’s a fantastic contribution of our dear anonymous readers. In this set, the same daring young woman shows off all kinds of pubic styles from the classics to the super creative. Add a bright red hair dye and a clitoral piercing into the mix, and you can guess we’re in for a wild ride.

We received no text or message with these pictures, so we can only guess at the fun the couple must have had in making these styles and taking the shots. Actually, the amount of fun had can be guessed at if you look carefully at one of the pictures.

Here’s a teaser.

Click the ‘more’ link to see the full set. Warning, there are some intimate pics ahead.


A reader’s own gallery

One of our readers put together his own gallery of his partner’s many and varied pubic styles, and what a fantastic gallery it is.

See for yourself:

My Babe's Creative Pubic Hairstyles Wallpaper

My Babe’s Creative Pubic Hairstyles Wallpaper

One thing that really strikes me is the many wonderful variations on the V-style . From the tiniest of mini-vees to great winged flying chevrons, this young lady and her partner clearly have a favorite style.

Thank you so much, guys, for this beautiful beautiful parade of pubic pampering.

Valentine’s Day Gallery

To celebrate Valentine’s Day I put together this gallery of ‘Heart’ styles. Some are from readers, some from the Interwebs, but all display creativity and flair in interpreting the classical symbol of love and life for intimate decoration. Enjoy!

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day

Reader’s Gallery #2

In March 2013 Pubicstyle launched a way for reader’s to contribute their own styles to the PubicStyle blog, and it’s proved to be a popular feature. There were times when we received so many magnificent contributions that it was hard to keep up, for which I apologize to those who had to wait for their pictures to be featured.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to all those proud posters who used the anonymous Dropbox to share beautiful bushes with the readers. It was wonderful and inspiring to see such a wide variety of styles from bare to hair and everything in between.

By way of a tribute, here’s a look back at some of the contributions received since the previous reader’s gallery in June.

The second reader's gallery of 2013

The second reader’s gallery of 2013

Sorry if I may have missed in composing this gallery, or if I overlooked anyone’s favorite pic.

Just a reminder to those who may want to share: the dropbox is a way for you to post pictures to us in complete anonymity. There’s no need for you to create an ID, leave a name or email address, and there’s not even any record of your IP address when you drag a picture into the dropbox.

(Incidentally, the Dropbox itself is a free site run by just one guy as far as I can tell, and sometimes there are temporary glitches. So if you sent posted something but for some reason it didn’t go through, I have no way of contacting you other than to broadcast an appeal on these pages asking you to give it another shot.)

Gallery of reader’s pubic styles

This gallery features the delightful and daring pubic styles sent in by readers of this blog through the anonymous dropbox. And what a glorious variety of styles they have sent us; from the classic Sphinx, to hearts, ovals and chevrons. And for some of these posters, this was their first time to try their hand at styling their pubes.

I wasn’t able to include all of the images that have been sent in, so I apologize if I’ve missed anyone out. Please be assured all your contributions are much appreciated.

Gallery of reader's pubic styles

Gallery of reader’s pubic styles

Thank you again, dear contributors, for your wonderful images. Your picture postings have become a very popular part of this blog. Please do send updates from time to time if you decide to try out new styles.

If you haven’t contributed yet, and you have a style you’d like to show off, there are instructions here.

Wild styles gallery – 2

It’s time for another gallery, so I’ve gathered together all the unique and unusual styles featured in this blog since the last Wild Styles gallery, and added a few new quirky styles that haven’t been posted here before. See if you can spot them.

Wild Styles II

Wild Styles II – click to enlarge

If you have an unusual pubic style you like to share, either your own, or one you’ve found on the web, please share it using our anonymous dropbox or via email to gaijinhusband at gmail dot com. Women’s styles only please!

Wild styles gallery

Here’s a gallery of wild, unusual, and creative styles for those of you out there looking for inspiration. Some of them are rounded up from previous posts, and some are new to the blog. Check out the ‘paw-print’ style!

Comments please!

Wild pubic hairstyle gallery

“You were once wild here. Don’t let them tame you.” : Isadora Duncan

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