Take off and landing

How wide is a landing strip? And where should it start and end?

According to Collins, a landing strip is just “a long flat piece of land from which aircraft can take off and land”, but the Urban Dictionary has an alternative, and very precise definition: “(female) cultivated pubic hair pattern where the hair on the inside of the thighs is removed, any hair near the arse (or for that matter, behind the back corner of the vagina) is removed, and hair between the leg-belly crease is removed on the abdomen leaving only a groomed rectangle running from the mid-tummy to the upper edge of the vulva”.

If that doesn’t conjure up a clear image for you, an anonymous reader is here to help with her two delightful versions of the landing strip.

So how wide should a landing strip be? You know what, who cares? Both look stunning.

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