Reader’s post – bare and blue

After all the recent post on the resurgence of the natural bush, here are two reader’s striking back with their bared pudenda.

The first three pictures seem to have been taken in a tanning salon, the light from the UV sending the camera’s white balance into a Mystique-like realm that even Photoshop’s skin tone correction could not handle, so I just lightened them up a little, and present them here in their aquamarine glory.

The poster of these selfies is sporting a Full Monty, with perhaps just a tuft above the clitoral hood at times, which always looks cute. Thanks, blue lady!

Daring to be bare

Daring to be bare

The second poster has given us a dramatic before and after pair, proudly showing off her luscious labia for good measure. She comments simply “My pussy shaven bare to full bush”. Thanks to you too, bush master.

By the way, if the lady who left a message in the dropbox back on Nov 26th saying “since then, here is how I sport around year round” is reading this…I think perhaps there was a problem because I didn’t find any picture files. If you still want to share, please try again.

Cheers, GH

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  2. hemsfa victor
    May 09, 2014 @ 03:33:29

    ohh…i love these pubes & swollen lipped pussies……


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