Reader’s post – Heartful

Here’s the kind of picture set I know we all love – a demonstration of the magical transformations that different styles can achieve.

Yes, these four pictures are of the same beautiful woman. Her partner comments simply “She’s got my heart”, and I think we can see why… And where!

I ♥ Hearts

I ♥ Hearts

In these delightful pictures she shows off four subtly different heart designs, from soft rounded love hearts to an angular, almost V-style design.

The picture above is a big one (click to enlarge), but since the contributor had sent me such high quality pics, I did want to share them in as close to the original size as I could.

My apologies to the contributor for taking so long to post them.

6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. shaverxxx
    Nov 02, 2013 @ 11:56:36

    I MOST like the V-style shaved.


  2. Plato
    Nov 02, 2013 @ 13:13:26

    You’re right, we do love seeing the transformation different styles can make. Thanks too for posting such high quality photographs. The contributor seems to have done an excellent job and achieved a beautiful result. Thanks to them too.


  3. Jessfan681
    Nov 02, 2013 @ 13:17:53

    Very lovely.
    The second one is my favorite


  4. Miss Clean
    Feb 15, 2014 @ 01:41:38

    I’m putting mine higher up. Is there a reason they often connnect the design to the lips?


    • pubicstyle
      Feb 15, 2014 @ 12:38:14

      Hi Miss Clean,
      Good question. I don’t know! You can see some higher-up hearts in the gallery, but yes, most do have the base of the heart touching the clitoral hood. Perhaps it’s a more familiar aesthetic, the heart at the top of the line of the labia reminding us of a rose on its stem, a balloon on a string, a lollipop on a stick. Or perhaps it’s the heart doubling as an arrow drawing the eye to the clitoris. In any case, go with what you think looks best on you. And good luck.


  5. shaverxxx
    Feb 15, 2014 @ 13:17:08

    I agree with Miss Clean – A higher cut is better for oral sex.


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