Reader’s post – arrow and sphinx

Two readers have sent in two pictures each showing off their new styles. At the top we have two pics of the contributor’s new Arrow Head style. She says “I found your blog today and it inspired me, here’s my new ”style”… :)”

Wow, so happy that the blog prompted you to try out a new ‘do’. It looks delightful on you!

Reader's styles

Reader’s styles

The bottom two pics were sent in by another newcomer to pubic styling. She sent this forthright and intimate message with her photos of her Full Monty, aka Full Brazillian, aka The Sphinx:

“Overweight old gals like it, too! Have always been overweight, extremely hairy and never groomed down there. At nearly 60 years old have a new beau who strongly suggested some major grooming down there. Not knowing anything about it, I found your site on the internet, asked him to do the grooming for me and to pic a style he wanted for me from your site. After clipping and clipping and shaving, he set about giving me a full monty – his favorite. Being groomed by him was very erotic and pleasurable for both of us. (I groomed him too.)”

“Besides the enhanced pleasure effects, I’ve also noticed that just being dressed is more comfortable as the long hairs are no longer getting snagged on underwear, etc. I’m so glad he suggested it, and after browsing your website I decided to take the plunge with his help. It’s only been 24 hrs, but I’m thoroughly enjoying being cleanshaven, as well as looking forward to future maintenance grooming by him. Thought I’d send in my pics in case anyone was curious what really overweight women look like naked down there and clean shaven. Other overweight women can get a sneak peak if they are considering doing the same.”

Well I’m so glad you took the plunge, and decided to send in your personal story. Have fun in your adventures with your new fella!

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  1. Sandy
    Nov 06, 2013 @ 05:21:57

    loved that arrow head style, it looks sexy also your lips looks incredible !! 🙂


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