Reader’s posts – variety is the spice

Readers have been very generous with their anonymous picture posts these last few weeks. I had a little summer vacation, so I have some catching up to do. Apologies to the posters for making you wait so long to see your pictures in the blog. Anyway, here’s a little roundup of recent contributions.

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

At the top right, we have a delightful Bermuda Triangle style. The contributor of this fantastic picture says “This is my girlfriend after I shaved her. We both like it. Greetings from Serbia.” Well, greetings to you too. Your girlfriend is looking very sexy in her new style!

Moving clockwise, contributor number two says “My attempt at a postage stamp, hope you like.” I like it very much! I’m sure our readers will too. Thanks!

Continuing clockwise, the next reader sends in a rear view of her natural bush. She says “I look best from this angle, sorry if you don’t like my asshole.” Not at all, your asshole is delightful. Incidentally, the natural look is currently the top pick in our poll of men’s favorite styles.

Finally, at bottom left, the sender says simply “my pubic hair”. I wonder if that’s a natural Bermuda Triangle you have there, or did you style it that way? In any case, thanks for the pic!

And indeed, many thanks to all the contributors for their pictures. Here are instructions on how to send yours. I’m still hoping to hear from the contributor of the “going for the diamond” pictures to see if we can get a pic of the final style. Fingers crossed!

I have just a few more reader’s pictures to post, including a before-and-after-waxing set. Stay tuned.

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