Reader’s post – three’s company

Here are some pictures sent in by three different readers.
The first contributor, on the left, tells us that she’s just given herself “a new look”. The look she’s gone for is the classic Bermuda, and very sexy it looks too.
Our second contributor has sent in a selfie, but no message. She seems to be growing out from a Landing Strip, maybe in preparation for a new style. Or perhaps she’s going to keep the Short Cut look.
Contributor number three, on the right, sends in a self-shot picture too. She says “Just updated my Brazilian fresh from my holiday”. Looks like you got a great tan too.

Three's company

Three’s company

My thanks to these three generous posters for sharing their pubic stylings with the blog.

Incidentally, another kind poster sent in two pictures of a style in progress, with the comment “Going for a ‘diamond’ hair style”. Unfortunately, there was no pic of the completed style. I’m hoping you did manage to stay focused and get a picture of the diamond. It would be great if you could send it in so I can post the complete the sequence.

I have a few more reader’s styles to post soon, so watch this space!

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