Reader’s postcards

Three different pubicstyle readers have sent in a picture of their pubic hairstyle via the anonymous dropbox this week. And each picture was accompanied by a charming short message.

And so, I’m pleased to present three ‘Reader’s Postcards’, featuring their pics and their personal messages!

Oval style

Oval style

Reader number one is sporting a neat Oval Style; her first foray into pubic styling inspired, she tells us, by this blog. Very nicely done, your new style looks very sexy! I hope you’re enjoying the new look.

Our next anonymous contributor is also styling for the first time, and she sends us a picture of her new Bikini Line style. Excuse the pixelation, the image was a bit small, but still, the new style looks really cute.

Bikini line

Bikini line

Our last poster is flying the flag for the all natural bush, and proudly showing off her luscious labia. Raunchy! Fifteen percent of respondents on the poll so far say their favourite style is ‘all natural‘.

Natural bush

Natural bush

Thank you so much to these three kind contributors. Keep your pics coming in!

Unfortunately, the Dropbox has been a bit unreliable recently. If you find it’s not working, please, please try again later, or send your pics by email to gaijinhusband at gmail dot com.

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Gary
    Jun 07, 2018 @ 22:36:54

    That’s very hot


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