Reader’s post – Diamonds and Hearts

Here is a stunning set of pictures from anonymous reader SV showing off her exquisite Marquise style (aka The Princess, Diamond or Football style).

SV has posted before, and I include one of her previous pics at bottom right, where she was sporting a Heart style. You can really see the transforming effect of different styles on the same person.

Both the previous Heart style and the new Marquise are delightfully sexy, but each has its own special je-ne-sais-quoi!

Click on the picture to enlarge.

Diamonds and hearts

Diamonds and hearts

In a message accompanying her pictures, SV says “Hello :). I’ve been experimenting with different styles and thought I’d share what I’m rocking right now.”

Well I’m so glad you did, SV. Thank you so much for your contributions! You look absolutely gorgeous in your new style.

Love the floral dress and those hot orange briefs, by the way!

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