Reader’s post – a question of tweezing and plucking

Pubistyle reader Ms A… has sent me a photo and a question via the anonymous dropbox. She says: “I have few questions. How often do you tweeze?”.

Then, referring to her photo she says “This is what happens with my area after 10 days. On some sites they write that you need to tweeze every 4/5 weeks. But it looks like to stay fully clean there is need to do it more often (every week, or few times per week would be ideal).”

“Does hair grow after tweezing with different speed? It probably takes same time in total to tweeze, no matter how often you do it. So is more often better?”

10 days later

10 days later

Well, A…, I don’t have experience with tweezing as a way of removing pubic hair, so I had to do a little research.

It seems unlikely that hair would grow back quicker after plucking with tweezers. If anything, successful plucking or tweezing would remove or at least damage the hair roots, making regrowth slower. I think what is happening is that each time you tweeze, you are missing the newly-grown fine hairs. After 10 days, they have grown thick enough to be seen.

Waxing would solve that problem, since it would remove even the fine hairs. If that is not an option, and if you can stand the pain, then you might consider an epilator. Some people report success with these on the pubic area. You need to be careful though to keep the skin tight using your free hand while doing it, to stop your skin getting caught in the mechanism. Ouch!

If you’re going to stick with tweezing, then follow the tips on this page:

Perhaps the best solution for you would be a good professional wax, and then use the tweezing just for maintenance afterwards.

Do any other PS readers pluck their pubes? Could you offer Ms. A any good advice?

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  1. Alex
    May 17, 2013 @ 11:44:16

    It takes about a week or ten days for a hair to show up again on the surface, and another day or two before there’s enough of it for the tweezers to grasp.


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