Poll results

With over 1600 responses, it’s time to close the poll which asked the question “Ladies, do you style your pubes?”. And what an overwhelming majority of the women who responded answered in the positive.

Over 41% revealed that they “always have something stylish going on down there!” Given that the respondents are visiting a blog about pubic styling, and in light of the fact that by far the majority of readers of this blog are based in the US, a country where pubic hair fashion is most decidedly in the mainstream, perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised.


What may be more surprising is that nearly 12% of women responded “Not now, not ever!” to the question. Perhaps they came to look at the blog out of a sense of slightly appalled curiosity. Or perhaps their visit here was a hint that, in fact, they still might be tempted to try one day.

For about 29% of respondents, pubic styling is an occasional whim, and they style “Sometimes, when the mood strikes”. And the remaining 18.6% of women answered “Not yet, but I’m thinking about it.” Well, I hope that this blog gives these two groups some ideas for styles they’d like to try their hand at.

Poll results

Poll results

So it would seem that, below the surface of our straight-laced society, there is often a sexy secret hidden beneath, and that a good many women are proudly preening their pubes. As we shall see in a future post, one reason for the spreading the idea of pubic primping is the ubiquity of US popular culture.

So, now it’s time to launch a new poll (see sidebar). Again, this one is for ladies only. But don’t fret guys, I’ll get around to you in subsequent polls.



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