Pubic style thesaurus

Some styles seem to go by many different names. One woman’s ‘Brazillian’ might be another woman’s ‘Full Monty’. Here’s my attempt to clear up the confusion, with a brief thesaurus of pubes. Let me know if you have different names for these styles, and I’ll gladly add them to the list. Or perhaps you think I got something wrong. Please let me know!

  • Full Monty
  • Kojak
  • Yul Brynner
  • The Hollywood
  • Brazillian
  • White Tiger
  • Sphinx
  • German Wax
  • Landing Strip
  • Mohawk
  • Pinstripe
  • Pencil cut
  • Brazillian
  • Bermuda Triangle
  • Arrow
  • Wedge
  • Triangle
  • Natural V
  • Martini Glass
  • Diamond
  • Marquise
  • Princess
  • Football cut
  • Mop Top
  • Chon-mage
  • Top Knot
    • Bikini Line
    • Short Cut
    • Chaplin
    • Hitler
  • Patch
  • Postage Stamp

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    2. Aug
      Aug 18, 2012 @ 02:39:08

      Can we get a full gallery all in one, my lady friend is trying to figure out which one would be best for her and since there are so many posts to go through. It would be nice to have a quick comparison guide. Oh, and thanks for the wonderful work and time put into this.


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