Styling blonde pubic hair

First, let me admit I don’t speak from any personal experience here, but it seems that blonde pubes could be both an advantage and a drawback when it comes to pubic styling.

If you’re trying for some sharp design, really light pubes can make it difficult to define a clear shape. The lady on the far left in the pictures below has a triangle cut, but the definition is nearly lost because of her fine, light pubes.  And if, like the woman on the far right in the pic, you have really golden pubes, a tan, and a very short trim, the pubes can become practically invisible.  (Not that that’s a bad thing.)

On the other hand, with light colored pubes, dark stubble is not a problem when the hair starts to grow back. And hey, blonde pubes are eye-catching in and of themselves. Any cute trim is going to look fresh, sexy and exotic.

The woman second from left has a shade of hair just dark enough to show off her creative style (is that a variation on the Princess?), and second from right has left the hair just long enough to form a nice Bermuda Triangle

Fair hair needn't mean don't trim

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