Anti-shaving argument

This UK journalist thinks that men who like a trimmed snatch can’t handle real women.

Key quote: “A man who likes a woman without pubic hair despises adult women so much that he wants us to resemble children.”


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  2. Diana
    Jan 31, 2012 @ 04:31:14

    It’s not true. I think men who make body hair a big issue probably have some issues themselves.But a man who enjoys a shaved or waxed lady just likes to have fun with the smoother texture. Ain’t nothing wrong with that as long as he can handle it au naturale.


  3. pubicstyle
    Jan 31, 2012 @ 12:47:15

    Hi Diana,
    Thanks for visiting the blog and leaving your comment. Your positive take on the issue is refreshing.

    The article’s argument that pubic shaving is the malign influence of the porn industry is undercut by the fact that pubic styling is as old as the hills (see my recent post on the history of pubic shaving). And the second argument that it’s a perversion…well, if that’s so it seems to be a widespread one.

    I think it’s safe to say that men are very ‘visual’ creatures…we like to look…and pubic styling is bound to appeal to that. And for both sexes, I think there’s a frisson that comes from the heightened awareness, as you walk down the street or go to the office, that there’s a sexy secret in one’s pants!



  4. san
    Feb 20, 2012 @ 00:28:28

    i posted something similar elsewhere but perhaps this is a better suited place

    gross, i think a bit of hair is sexier and so do many men i know, personally i like to fuck adults and like to see the signs that puberty has come and gone …. trying to have your genitals look like a child’s, really an idea of sexiness dictated by the porn industry …or an old idea that females have to eliminate all evidence of their adulthood and sexuality for many reasons, all with slightly misogynistic or female fearing tendencies lol …
    enjoy and play with your pubes, men enjoy it too as well and some are really turned off by the shaved child look ..

    if one is talking about sexiness, really it is how you fuck, an extension of your personality and comfort with one’s body that dictates sexiness and why some would want to eliminate something so specific to adult/womanhood is beyond me, besides the novelty of it ….

    yeah sure playing with hairstyles is fun, but really if it defines who you are maybe you should stop and pull your head out of your crotch ….

    of course if you do have some time to kill, or in need of some ideas this is a fun site with lots of pics

    there is always sexy in ones pants, should be in the rest of you as well, especially the brain!


    • pubicstyle
      Feb 20, 2012 @ 12:42:31

      Hi San,
      Thanks for visiting, and thanks for your comments, and especially for taking up the challenge to discuss the issues raised in that article. To be sure, pubic shaving seems to be ‘de rigueur’ in American porn, especially in the variety marketed as ‘teen’. But I don’t think that’s where it started. There seems to be evidence that the practice has been around since ancient times.
      I think it’s interesting to ask why many men find it attractive. We know that some people like skinny, some like chubby, some like obese; some like hairless and some the hirsute. Sexual preferences seem to run across a pretty wide spectrum. Perhaps evolution is responsible for the wide variation in taste; keeps the gene pool nice and varied. And one could see how an evolutionary process might tend to produce an attraction to physical indicators of ‘young and fit, but in puberty’. But if attraction to the completely naked pussy is an indicator of a preference for the very young…well that would be counterproductive. And it’s quite a widespread preference, judging by the porn market’s response to that demand. Personally, I prefer the argument that it’s because guy’s are so ‘visual’. We’re turned on by what we see. And when we see a shaved pussy we think ‘Wow, a pussy. What a nice shape. And it’s shaved! She must be pretty kinky! Great!”. I think that’s probably all there is to it.
      And finally, you make a good point… let’s have fun with pubic styles, but don’t let it take over your life!


  5. Brian
    Feb 20, 2012 @ 19:16:52

    Honestly, I couldn’t care how one person likes their mate..sahved or unshaved. It’s their decision….together. Personally I like hair but when I have been met with a shaved situation I am gung ho!

    I like variety! So whether it is bald as a baby’s butt (it’s still a mature, legal vagina) or as hairy as a gorilla, it still feels and tastes the same to me.



  6. John
    Jun 08, 2012 @ 18:41:44

    my preference is for shaved but i think it is far sexier to think that a woman would go to that trouble for my pleasure. and whichever way it is presented i feel lucky and honoured to be allowed to see it


  7. Ron B
    Jul 08, 2012 @ 08:55:44

    Funny how people who use the “shaved looks pre-pubescent” argument probably have shaved legs and armpits.


    • pubicstyle
      Jul 08, 2012 @ 09:37:36

      Good point there, Ron. I’d never thought of it like that.


    • ALovingMan
      Jul 11, 2012 @ 08:22:14

      As I read thru’ the various interesting and considered comments, I too thought about the strident claims that some men like wmn to have shaven vaginal areas because we desire pre-pubescent girls – thereby displaying either our in-maturity or paedophile tendencies.
      Then I read Ron B’s valuable contribution which mirrored one or two of my own thoughts.
      My preferences are on both practical and aesthetic grounds
      * I love ‘muff diving’, licking, sucking, drinking, even nibbling, but find the inevitable removal of ‘short and curlies’ a distraction, and a choking hazard
      * A well trimmed, or 100% shaven Vag-area shows the delicacy, beauty and finely sculptured detail of that loved individual, dispelling the silliness of ‘they’re all the same’.
      Then we could address the issues of
      * some wmn’s horror and repulsion concerning a man’s (facial) beard – that’s pubic hair too !
      * the 1980s Feminist statements / fashions typified by the presentation of pubic hair in arm pits. That has gone – fashion has moved it away.

      Anthropology holds the answers, along with fashion and personal ‘taste’ – so nix on the resorts to simplistic analyses, plz – that’s where the real in-mature take refuge.


  8. one voice
    Jul 08, 2012 @ 20:34:01

    I hate the arguments that claim that a preference to be hairless is an immediate sign of someone wanting to fuck a child; that is bullshit. Dare I say that the only hair I truly want on a woman is on her head, eyebrows, and eyelashes–that’s a preference–but is far too much to ask for. I just love a smooth woman with long hair and the definitions of facial expression (except for beards and mustaches!), what can I say? It is NOT a matter of age when it comes to hair down there. I love the bare look; it turns me on and is exciting to the touch. Of course, it’s a preference; it does not suggest I don’t mind some texturing. Au Naturale is a bit of a killer for me, though not something I’d just shove aside. Take a woman who particularly makes a clever, detailed design, though, and she will drive me wild.


  9. Grumpy2
    Aug 12, 2012 @ 18:01:24

    What a topic to prompt strong views.

    For me – with a wife who is blonde but used to hae a very hairy mound and vagina – I like both; and to a degree get both with her.

    Giving birth to our second child (now around 14), she had an emergency C-section. After which much of the hair on her mound never returned. Apart from some heavy hair cover around her outer labia, she remains otherwise hairless.

    She remains uncomfortable about being hairless, and would never agree to a quick trim when asked. However, I loved her pussy vry hairy, and I continue to be just as fond of it.


  10. betty
    Aug 17, 2012 @ 23:39:35

    I don’t think it is about men wanting women who resemble children at all, but I do think there are probably many factors involved and it could be one, some or all of these at play.
    Firstly, I think that the amount of time, commitment and money that women spend on pubic topiary means it simply cannot be that they are only doing it for the men in their lives (or the men they want in their lives). Lets face it, having a bikini wax is pretty painful and I don’t imagine women are doing that purely for a man. So there has to be an element here of women wanting and choosing to remove their pubic hair. Now, there could be many reasons behind that, from it feeling or looking nicer, practical reasons such as swimming or gym regularly, a cultural or religious belief, feelings of cleanliness, sexual pleasure and so on. Of course there could be more sinister aspects, perhaps low self esteem or wanting to conform to an idealized view of the female body, but I don’t think that can possibly be the case for all or even the majority of women.
    Secondly, as for the male perspective, I think that for some it may be that they have seen pornography that depicts hairless women and so that is what they prefer or expect, and certainly the recent rise in cosmetic surgery women are having to remove their inner labia has been attributed to these false ideals by some academics. So that could be part of it.
    But there is also a sort of taboo aspect isn’t there, that makes it all more erotic. I mean the vulva is hidden away, tucked neatly between the legs and not on display. A naked woman, with a full natural bush, well her vulva is still pretty hidden. But if you remove all the hair, then suddenly you can see everything, so it becomes very sensual and sexual I think. Plus I think for men, if a woman does that and they have done it for a “treat” then it is I think lovely for the man, it is like a secret pleasure just for him (or her I guess, maybe it works the same in lesbian couples?) I have known women who will get a full wax for valentines, or their partners birthday etc, so it is like a special thing for the man.
    So I think there are probably even more reasons, some of them good and some of them bad.
    If the woman is happy, then it is her body and her choice and not a problem, it is only a problem if she feels forced to do it, whether by society, peer pressure, a male partner. But I suspect these are the minority.


    • pubicstyle
      Aug 17, 2012 @ 23:49:56

      Thanks for your thorough and thoughtful comment. Betty. I couldn’t agree with you more!


      • Nbf
        Aug 22, 2012 @ 23:48:16

        Does your site post bushes? I like the look and feel and even the sound of full pubic hairs! To me it’s like a cozy forest!

      • pubicstyle
        Aug 23, 2012 @ 03:40:22

        Well, Nbf, that’s a valid question. I was considering a post on the various natural shapes of the untended bush, but it seemed doubtful whether a natural bush could be considered a ‘style’, any more than a blank canvas could be considered a painting. And I also had doubts about the usefulness of such a post to my readers, who I presume come mostly to check out possible patterns for shaving and waxing. Plus, I found it quite difficult to assemble a set of pictures that would be in any way representative…how to deal with variations due to age, race, hair color, etc. So in the end I abandoned the task. I certainly have nothing against the untamed wilderness, but for now, I will leave it uncharted!

  11. Scott
    Jan 22, 2013 @ 01:46:07

    I love a little furr on my girls kitty! Not really into the woolymamath look,nothing worse than pulling hair out of your teeth in the morning or afternoon for that matter.


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