First shave… yay!

I started this blog because my wife and I were thinking about trimming/shaving her pubes.  I’ve been cropping mine for ages, and I was keen to see how she would look with a trim quim.

Well, last weekend we finally went for it; a short cut and a shave.  I trimmed her pubes a little all over, and then shaved her labia (carefully, with a brand new wire-guard type ladies razor, and ladies shaving gel).

The style?  Well it’s kind of a cross between the V and what I called the ‘top knot’.  Natural shaped triangle of slightly cropped hair above, with bare labia from the clitoris down. For her first cut, she didn’t want to go for a landing strip or Yul Brynner, for fear of what other women might think in the changing rooms. (It’s not common in society here, unlike the US, apparently.) And before you ask, sorry, we won’t be posting pics… she’s too shy.

It was so much fun (especially for me) and I love the new look. She’s still kind of getting used to it, but I think she’s liking it. The only itchiness she’s feeling now is from the trimmed pubes, and not from the shaving. No rash, so we must have done it right.

I’m looking forward to helping with the regular maintenance.

The natural V

Not my wife, but a stunt double with the same style

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  1. Belle
    Aug 10, 2013 @ 16:39:19

    So happy for you and your wife! If you don’t mind me asking, could you possibly do more of these posts where you feature your wife’s latest downstairs do’?


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