Historical Methods of Hair Removal

Here’s an article on the history of body hair removal at historyundressed.com

Quote: “In the ancient Roman Empire, hair removal was often seen as an identifier of class. The wealthy women would remove their body hair with pumice stones, razors, tweezers and depilatory creams.”

Blog article: the “Hairlessness Epidemic”

Here are one blogger’s considered opinions on the topic of pubic shaving, and in particular, the controversy of the clean shaven mons pubis. She discusses how, growing up, she became aware of the social pressures to pubic trimming. Interestingly, despite reservations about the completely bare mons, she admits to being “trimmed neat & short with a clean bikini line”. The article has a great comment thread, too, with the whole gamut of opinions and many interesting personal stories.

Evolution of the Muff

Evolution of the Muff, by Ashkahn

The Stealth Shave

Want the soft feel of smooth, bare labia, but worried about what the ladies in the changing rooms will think? Then why not try the Stealth Shave?

The stealth shave pubic style

Can you keep a secret?

Shave all the hair from your labia majora starting from a point just below the level of the clitoris down to the perineum, but leave the bush above totally untouched.

Unlike the Bermuda Triangle, you leave the visible pubic patch wild and wooly. From the front, the casual observer will never know about the secret below. But the view for your partners privileged vantage point, it will be a sweet treat indeed. Secret pleasures are the most delicious!

DIY pubic style stencils – heart and star

Here are the first of my pubic style stencils. If there’s interest, I’ll make some more. Instructions are given below the images. Click the more link to see them.


Bright Pubes

Here’s a Tumblr blog dedicated to “Pics of boys and girls 18+ that have some colour in the hair down there!” The site has many pictures of auburn, ginger, blonde and other colored pubes, both natural and styled. Warning: many large and turgid male members on display!

Good sites for pubic hair shaving tips

Here are a couple of good sites for pubic hair shaving tips.

First, the comprehensive “World of Pubic Hair” (there’s an image to conjure with!) has a section on pubic hair shaving tips.

Next, sex columnist and ‘Oprah’s porn pundit’ Violet Blue has a page on the subject.


Quirky styles

These ladies must have a steady hand! Here a set of symbols and cyphers in pubic hair for your inner geek. A lightening bolt, a hairy ‘pi’, a flame (or is it a hair’s tail?) and some bold stripes. Go for it, girls!

Quirky pubic hair styles

Here’s where pubic stencils come in handy

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