Waxing eloquent

Here’s one woman’s account of her own Brazillian waxing experience, the pain and the pleasure of pube removal, and other musings on pubic hair styling. The story is featured on the website of a Chicago-based waxing salon “Wax by Eva

Wax on

Wax on

New poll – men’s favorites

Guys, here’s a chance for you to vote for your favorite women’s pubic hair style. The last poll asked women the same question. Let’s see if the guys make the same choices.


Reader’s post – Bermuda Triangle

An anonymous poster has sent in this delightful picture of her first try at a pubic style.

The style she has chosen is a classic – the Bermuda Triangle.

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

She sends a short message with her pic: “First attempt… thoughts? ;D”

My thoughts: Wow, you look wonderful, and what a fine job on your first try! That style really looks hot on you, for sure. And thank you so much for sending in your picture!

If any other readers would like to make an anonymous post – click here!

Classic style – full Brazillian

This classic style goes by many names: the Full Monty, the Sphinx, the White Tiger, the Kojak, the Hollywood, and perhaps most commonly, the Full Brazilian.

Here we see some perfect example of this, the non plus ultra of pubic hair removal.

Smooth operators

Smooth operators

This style was voted most popular by women readers of this blog in our recent poll, with over 27% of the vote.

Sometimes mentioned scathingly as a lamentable sign of excess porn in modern culture, the full Brazilian actually has a long and classical history. It can be seen in Egyptian friezes, Greek sculpture, classical oil paintings and early nude photography.

The timeless style

The timeless style

I think it’s safe to say, this is one pubic style that may never be out of fashion.

Reader’s post – fresh Brazillians

Two reader’s have posted via the anonymous dropbox showing off their new ‘Full Brazillians”.

The first poster sends a little message with her pictures: “I found your site and decided it was time to update my downstairs ‘do, so I just kept it simple and shaved it all off. It’s certainly more comfortable than a full bush, and I love it! What do you think?”

All off!

All off!

Well I love it too! The Full Monty looks as sexy as hell on you. Thank you for sending in your pictures!

The second poster has also gone for the Full Brazillian, and send just one word with her picture “Fresh!”.


Bald or bushy?

This bizarre Chinese 3d animation poses the above question, and discusses the ‘war on pubes’ in a Youtube-safe format. See how many euphemisms you can spot.

Of course, readers of this blog know there are many other selections on the dial between bald and bushy.

Gallery of reader’s pubic styles

This gallery features the delightful and daring pubic styles sent in by readers of this blog through the anonymous dropbox. And what a glorious variety of styles they have sent us; from the classic Sphinx, to hearts, ovals and chevrons. And for some of these posters, this was their first time to try their hand at styling their pubes.

I wasn’t able to include all of the images that have been sent in, so I apologize if I’ve missed anyone out. Please be assured all your contributions are much appreciated.

Gallery of reader's pubic styles

Gallery of reader’s pubic styles

Thank you again, dear contributors, for your wonderful images. Your picture postings have become a very popular part of this blog. Please do send updates from time to time if you decide to try out new styles.

If you haven’t contributed yet, and you have a style you’d like to show off, there are instructions here.

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