Tan lines

Summer is coming (if you’re in the Northern hemisphere) and nothing says ‘summer’ like tan lines.

The pale triangle left by your bikini bottoms adds a extra layer of design and geometry to your pubic style. It also highlights your pubes like a spotlight on a work of art.

Here we see the effect of a tan on a range of styles from a natural bush to a full Brazillian.

Tan lines

Tan lines

Classic style – the Landing Strip

An anonymous reader says “Hello from Rome, Italy!” and sends me a collection of some of their favorite Landing Strip pics, extracted from the interwebs.

Landing Strip style (click to enlarge)

Landing Strip style (click to enlarge)

Some beautiful examples there, kind reader. Thanks! The lady on the far left has started her landing strip somewhere below the clitoral hood, but the middle two have gone for perhaps the more traditional starting point.

The Landing Strip is currently ranked as the third most popular style among women, according to our ongoing poll.

The lady on the right has somehow achieved a natural looking feathered edge to her landing strip, giving it a very soft and charming look. I wonder how she did that?

I first posted on the Landing Strip way back in 2010, and have looked at the variations from time to time. But this reader’s contribution has prompted me to think that it’s high time I revisited each of the classic styles, one by one. Watch this space…..

Reader’s post – blonde before and after

The same kind poster who provided the image in the previous post also sent in a set of personal shots via the anonymous dropbox

This set shows the model at first with a curly mop of fine blonde pubes seen from the front, and looking down from the navel. Then she wears a short cropped landing strip in various forms, with the hair on her labia alternately short cropped or shaved bare.

In the final picture, she ultimately removes all the hair for a clean Full Monty. This last shot was taken under water! (See the bubbles?)

Blonde before and after

Blonde before and after

Thank you so much, anonymous poster, for this wonderful set of “before and after” pictures. Beautiful indeed in every variation.

Holý spodek!

A kind reader dropped the following image into my dropbox, showing what appears to be the same woman sporting a wide variety of styles.



The captions appear to be in Czech, and with the help of online translation engines I managed to come up with the following translations:

Top row:
Full bush, Shortened full bush, Large divot, Bikini line, Aligned and short

Second row:
Aligned full length, Small divot, Bare bottom, Arrow, Clamshell

Bottom row:
Super clamshell, Valentine’s Day heart, Triangle, (drneček), Bare

Couldn’t for the life of me figure out ‘drneček’. Perhaps a Czech speaking reader can help me out?

The same poster also sent a bunch of their own pics, which I’m sorting through and hope to post soon.

Thanks, anonymous poster!

Creative Pubic

Over on Tumblr, there’s an explicit blog called Creative Pubic, dedicated to pubic styles and run by an amorous and adventurous couple, featuring a good many pictures of their own styling adventures.

Both husband and wife have tried many styles, so I think the site will be interesting for gals and guys who want to get creative on their pubes.

Mrs Creative Pubic

Mrs Creative Pubic

Reader’s postcards

Three different pubicstyle readers have sent in a picture of their pubic hairstyle via the anonymous dropbox this week. And each picture was accompanied by a charming short message.

And so, I’m pleased to present three ‘Reader’s Postcards’, featuring their pics and their personal messages!

Oval style

Oval style

Reader number one is sporting a neat Oval Style; her first foray into pubic styling inspired, she tells us, by this blog. Very nicely done, your new style looks very sexy! I hope you’re enjoying the new look.


Wild styles gallery – 2

It’s time for another gallery, so I’ve gathered together all the unique and unusual styles featured in this blog since the last Wild Styles gallery, and added a few new quirky styles that haven’t been posted here before. See if you can spot them.

Wild Styles II

Wild Styles II – click to enlarge

If you have an unusual pubic style you like to share, either your own, or one you’ve found on the web, please share it using our anonymous dropbox or via email to gaijinhusband at gmail dot com. Women’s styles only please!

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