Pubic stencils #2 Diamond and Teardrop

I’ve created two new DIY pubic stencils for you: a diamond shape and a teardrop or flame design. See the previous stencil post for instructions. If you don’t see the stencils below, click the ‘more’ link.


Leaf style

Many pubic styles share one common feature – that the labia are shaved bare and the styling all takes place above, on the pubic mound. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are examples of a style I’ll call the ‘Leaf Style’, but you might know it as the Teardrop, Princess or even the Marquise. Unlike most of my previous examples of this style, these women have kept the hair around the labia, though trimmed short, to form the shape of a leaf or teardrop around the vulva.

'Leaf' the hair down there

‘Leaf’ the hair down there

Hairy Christmas

Here’s are some seasonal styles for the coming holidays; (sings in cheery voice) one ribboned bon-bon, two festive vajazzles, and a pubic christmas tree!

Christmas pubic styles

It’s the season to be jolly

Pin-stripe style

The pin-stripe style, aka the pencil cut, is a super-thin version of the landing strip. Just leave a thin line of short hair, starting above the clitoral hood and rising to the top edge of the natural pubic hair line.

Thin is in (Lightly censored edition)

Unless you have a very steady hand, it might be worth using a soft, bendy plastic ruler as a stencil. Any flexible straight edge will do, so long as it easily bends to the curve of your vulva.
First trim your pubes short all over, to a length of about 6 to 10mm. Then lay your stencil over the hair you want to leave behind, and shave along the edge. Flip it around to do the other side.

Celebrity pubic styles – European edition

Can you identify the European celebrities whose pubic stylings appear in the strip below?

Euro celebrities pubic hairstyle quiz!

Celebrity number 1: This formerly Ukrainian, now American sci-fi action star revealed a subtly trimmed bikini line in this clip from a photo shoot for Purple Magazine
Celebrity number 2: Secretly shot while on the set of movie Hippy Hippy Shake, this UK fashion model and actress sports a ‘narrow arrow’ style
Celebrity number 3: Another ‘narrow arrow’ on this English fashion model turned actress, in a feature for art magazine 032c. She played Aphrodite in Clash of the Titans.
Celebrity number 4: This English former ‘Page Three’ glamour model flashes a pubic tattoo at a party
Celebrity number 5: Another Brit, this doll faced Vogue model and occasional actress bared her russet pubes in a shoot for French magazine Paradis

Click the ‘more’ link to see the answers.


Merkin’ art

Vice magazine explores the creative possibilities of the pubic wig, or ‘merkin’, in this 2010 photo-shoot, featuring ‘Tuxedo Pussy’, ‘Carrot Pubes’ and ‘Ponytail’ among others. More of an art piece than practical proposition, since the merkins featured are big, bulky and rather tickly looking, but nonetheless worth a look.

Pimp your pubes

Incidentally, I understand that the merkin was originally devised by 17th century prostitutes who wanted to cover up their STDs. These days they’re more likely to see service on a Hollywood movie set. Or at the Burning Man festival.

Wild styles gallery

Here’s a gallery of wild, unusual, and creative styles for those of you out there looking for inspiration. Some of them are rounded up from previous posts, and some are new to the blog. Check out the ‘paw-print’ style!

Comments please!

Wild pubic hairstyle gallery

“You were once wild here. Don’t let them tame you.” : Isadora Duncan

Designer pubes

Back in 2003 Gucci creative director Tom Ford and photographer Mario Testino caused some controversy by featuring a model pulling down her knickers to reveal her pubic hair shaved into an iconic letter G.

This lead to investigations by the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority, and plaudits from fellow ad industry colleagues.

The G spot

The Stealth Shave

Want the soft feel of smooth, bare labia, but worried about what the ladies in the changing rooms will think? Then why not try the Stealth Shave?

The stealth shave pubic style

Can you keep a secret?

Shave all the hair from your labia majora starting from a point just below the level of the clitoris down to the perineum, but leave the bush above totally untouched.

Unlike the Bermuda Triangle, you leave the visible pubic patch wild and wooly. From the front, the casual observer will never know about the secret below. But the view for your partners privileged vantage point, it will be a sweet treat indeed. Secret pleasures are the most delicious!

DIY pubic style stencils – heart and star

Here are the first of my pubic style stencils. If there’s interest, I’ll make some more. Instructions are given below the images. Click the more link to see them.


Bright Pubes

Here’s a Tumblr blog dedicated to “Pics of boys and girls 18+ that have some colour in the hair down there!” The site has many pictures of auburn, ginger, blonde and other colored pubes, both natural and styled. Warning: many large and turgid male members on display!

Quirky styles

These ladies must have a steady hand! Here a set of symbols and cyphers in pubic hair for your inner geek. A lightening bolt, a hairy ‘pi’, a flame (or is it a hair’s tail?) and some bold stripes. Go for it, girls!

Quirky pubic hair styles

Here’s where pubic stencils come in handy

Circle pubic style

Circle cut, puff-ball, moon-over-the-valley, whatever you’d like to call it, this round style has a certain geometric simplicity. I had earlier filed one of the images below under ‘princess’, but after having found more examples of the pure round cut, I decided it needed a category of its own.

Circle pubic hair style

Moon over the valleys

Square hair

Here are some examples of a big, bold style: square hair! As with many styles, these women have removed all hair below the line of the clitoral hood, and trimmed the top and sides of the pubes to leave a neat square patch above.

Pubic hair in a square style

It’s hip to be square

Ok, ok, math purists, if we get our rulers out, we may find they’re rectangles, and maybe the third from the left is a ‘chaplin‘, but what the hey. (Insert pun about splitting hairs, or beating around bush here)

Hare’s tail

Thanks to a tip off from reader Relaxweb, we have a new style to mention: the ‘Hare’s Tail’. It’s less formal than a Marquise/Princess, and tapered at the top, unlike a Landing Strip. As you can see, adding a cute little twist to the side makes this a playful and quirky style.

Hare's tail pubic hair style

Perhaps one could also call this ‘the Teardrop’…

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