Reader’s post – Full Monty with a suprise

“Cleanly shaven with my little ornament!” says our latest anonymous contributor, who gives us this set of four intimate pics of her Full Monty style. The ‘little ornament’ is just peeking through in the final photo. Hello!

Peek a boo

Peek a boo

Many thanks to this adventurous lady for sharing her shaven haven and little silver secret with us.

Keep the pics coming!

Reader’s post – ‘postage stamp’ and mini triangle

Many thanks to the anonymous contributor who provided these two delightful pictures. The left photo shows a tufty little postage stamp or Chaplin style, while in the image on the right the same lady has carefully crafted a tiny triangle cut.

I think you’ll agree, both styles look as cute as kittens, and very sexy too.

Cute little tufts

Cute little tufts

No note was left with this contribution, so there’s not much more I can add, except to express my thanks again to the sender for these charming photos.

Note: Dbinbox seems to be temporarily down. I’ll let readers know when it’s working again.

DBinbox is working fine now, so please continue to send in your own pubic style pics.

Asymmetry (a photoshopped fantasy)

A while back, a commenter mentioned the idea of asymmetric pubic styles. I’ve been keeping an eye out for them ever since, but the closest I’ve come to finding some were the Pi, Lightning Bolt and Hare’s Tail styles seen here.

So lacking any strikingly unbalanced styles from the real world to post, I decided to ‘shop up some fantasy asymmetric styles of my own design.

Let me know what you think.

Asymmetric styles

Asymmetric styles

By the way, don’t forget that you can contribute your own pubic style pics safely and anonymously via my Dropbox Inbox.

Reader’s post – a hair-free life

Many thanks to another anonymous contributor, who sends us these three wonderful pictures of her Full Brazillian, aka The Hollywood style.

She tells us “I have had a “full monty” ever since I was old enough to grow my hair, and have always kept it totally bare out of habit.”

Well, I must say it looks absolutely beautiful on you. You’ve also chosen some great angles to show off your pride and joy.

Bare down there

Bare down there


This sexy contributor has sent some more pictures, and a few words about her personal pubic regimen. She says “I will occasionally shave if i have a little bit of regrowth and i need to be looking my best for a special occasion”. But, she adds, she has a close family member who is an aesthetician, so she has access free professional waxing at any time. Lucky woman!

Finally, she has one painfully learned piece of advice to share: “Do NOT go sunbathing without your bikini bottoms immediately after a wax if you dont want a glowing-red crotch the next day!” Ouch!

Here are the extra pictures:

Love that coin belt shot!

Love that coin belt shot!

Thanks again, dear reader!

Reader’s stamp of approval

Another anonymous reader sends in this pic of her ‘Postage Stamp‘ style. In her message she says “My first attempt of the ‘postage stamp.’ (instead of the usual full monty) Inspired by your site. :)”
So glad to hear the site inspired you, and many thanks for the delightful picture of your minimalist style.

Stamp of approval

Stamp of approval

One couple’s gallery

Many thanks to a generous couple in Poland for anonymously contributing a magnificent set of photos of their pubic styling adventures. A whole gallery’s worth in fact.

As you can see from the set below, they are dedicated pubic stylists indeed. Here the young lady, who I shall call Mrs C, shows us a neat Triangle Cut, two examples of the V style, an interesting split triangle design, the Marquise, and the Chaplin.

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

As we shall see in the next set, as well as the V cut, the Square style seems to be a favorite of theirs, and they’ve revisited it several times. (Note: some of these photo are rather revealing and intimate. Don’t look below if you are faint of heart!)


First reader’s post!

Thanks and congratulations go to an anonymous reader for being the first to share her pubic style via our new anonymous contribution link.

As you can see, she’s gone for the ‘ne plus ultra’ of pubic styles, the White Tiger, aka The Full Monty, aka The Sphinx. And how exquisite it looks on her, too. Very nicely done indeed.

First reader's style post! The classic 'Sphinx'

First reader’s style post!
The classic ‘Sphinx’

Thank you once again, dear reader, for sharing your charming pubic style with us all. You’ve got our Reader’s Posts off to a wonderful start.


Furry hoops

Back in the Leaf style post I noted that, though many styles leave the labia majora bare, it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are some puffball styles that will still keep your nether-regions warm. The top of the pubic triangle is shaved into a curve, and the remaining hair just slightly trimmed, to give a bold football shape to the pubes. We could call it, to borrow a bit of British slang, the Furry Hoop!

A style for winter months?

A style for the cold winter months?

Unusual styles

Here’s a random selection of quirky, wacky pubic hairstyles. The model on the left has gone for an upward triangle that is reminiscent of the arches of a Thai temple, or a bishop’s mitre. Something ecclesiastical about it, anyway. Model number two has an eye-catching exclamation of a bush that’s sure to make people pay attention. The third is a pubic fig-leaf, perfect for Eve. And lastly, introducing a note of old-world charm, we have what I think can only be termed a ‘Hercule Poirot’. Enjoy!

An eccentric lot, these gals

An eccentric lot, these gals

You’ll note I’ve wielded the censors stamp on some of these, to save the blushes of my more sensitive readers. What do you think, readers? Am I being too cautious?

UPDATE: OK, the readers have spoken. (Well, three of them. I’m such a pushover). Here’s the uncensored image:

In all their glory

In all their glory

Keeping it natural

I got a comment recently from reader Rick, who is exasperated at “all the shaving and trimming” and expresses his preference for the full bush.

There’s a lot to be said for just letting it grow. Pubic hair acts as a kind of silky lubricating layer helping stop skin rubbing against skin and causing chafing. If you live in cold, drafty climes, a full bush will help keep your rosebud warm and toasty. And of course, letting it grow free takes less time, money and pain than all that repeated shaving, trimming and waxing.

Let's hear it for the untamed bush!

Let’s hear it for the untamed bush!

Don’t worry, pubicstyle fans, I haven’t had an epiphany and gone all anti-shaving on you. Rick’s comment just made me think it was about time that I featured ‘the natural look’ as a pubic style option. So let’s hear it for the full bush! Yay!

Love your lips

Salon has an interesting article on the background to several online projects to encourage women to be proud of their labia, and shun the ‘barbie doll’ innie aesthetic that is common in porn. As I posted recently, labiaplasties are on the rise, perhaps in part spurred by the increase in pubic trimming leading to increased self-consciousness about labia size.

The Large Labia Project, run by Emma from Australia, is “all about showing the beauty of large, long, thick, fleshy vulva”, while the Pussy Pride Project, run by Molly in the UK encourages women to join in a “celebration of the beauty that lies between a woman’s thighs in an attempt to make women feel more accepting”.

Here at pubicstyles, we celebrate all varieties of vulva, from the innie to the outie. This blogger’s partner has dark, fleshy, protruding labia minora, and I love her that way.

Since my post on labiaplasties, I’ve tried to feature full lipped models in my selection of images wherever possible so that visitors will see the beautiful variety of nature, and not go away with the impression that there is some ideal vulva, and that the ideal is a hairless clamshell. (Not that I have anything against the hairless clamshell look either!)

So to show our solidarity with the cause of natural labia, here is a selection of pubic styles featuring beautiful larger lipped ladies.

Love your lips

Love your lips

And, dammit, here are some more…


Perfection vs reality

In an ideal world of pubic styling, our lines would always be straight, and the hair would only grow back when we’re ready for a new style. Our pubes would look as perfect as the two models on the left.

Reality sets in

Perfection vs reality

But the reality is that it’s difficult to get perfect geometry when shaving; skin stretches, shaving cream obscures the view, razors are an imprecise tool. And of course, hair never stops growing, so within a week you’re looking like the two models on the left.

What’s to be done? How much time are you prepared to spend on perfecting and maintaining your pubic style?

Rear view

At the risk of my pictures getting too gynecological, I felt I ought to do a post covering a sometimes neglected, but important aspect of many pubic styles… the view from behind. As a guy, the big thrill for me when my partner does a style like the top-knot (like the model on the left), or Bermuda Triangle (like model number 2), is the fantastic view when she shows me her behind.

Especially with the Full Monty, I’d say it’s the rear view that’s the icing on the cake.

But it’s a tricky area to shave by yourself, especially without the aid of a mirror, and it’s easy to miss patches of hair near Biffin’s Bridge, as the model on the right has done. And that’s not good.

Delightful derrieres

Delightful derrieres

So please take extra care not to leave some undergrowth in the back yard if you want your pubic style to really shine.


In the pictures below, the four models have shaved, waxed or trimmed their pubic hair to the barest hint of a bush. By just stopping short of the full Sphinx, they highlight the line of the lips, leaving a subtle sign pointing to the center of pleasure, the clitoral cluster. They are the minimalists!

Minimal pubic hairstyle

Wikipedia: “Minimalism is any design or style in which the simplest and fewest elements are used to create the maximum effect.”

Japanese pubic styles

Pubic styling is not in the mainstream in Japan to the extent that it is in the west. Despite its infamous reputation as the home of lolicon, cosplay, tentacle porn and other perversions, Japan is still at heart a modest and conservative society. Mothers commonly bathe with their children, any domestic vacation is likely to revolve around visiting public hot springs, and families live in close quarters, so women are often reluctant to cause a stir with radical pubic hair trimming.

Perhaps that explains the fact that the most commonly seen pubic trim is the stealth style, aka the ‘top-knot’ or chon-mage. This style is not immediately obvious to the casual glance. While Japanese porn does feature plenty of shorter trims, and also plenty of ‘full monties’, those are not very often seen at the public bath house. And black hair against a pale skin makes the ‘white tiger’ a difficult style to carry off.

Japanese pubic styles

Japanese pubic styles

From left to right, natural styles from wispy to spiky, the top-knot, an oval top-knot, and the ‘white tiger’.

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