Reader’s post – Cross Hairs

An anonymous reader post tipped me off to the story of a Carnegie Mellon art student who caused a kerfuffle with her pseudo-religious nude fancy-dress at a campus festival, naked from the waist down and with her pubes shaved in the shape of a cross. Some Catholics were not amused.

Naked pope woman's cruciform pubes

Naked pope woman’s cruciform pubes

Perhaps inspired by the story, the poster sent in a picture of their own Cruciform style, which they’ve given an extra wicked twist by inverting the cross. I’ve got to hand it to you, it really works well with the rest of your body art. Thanks for the pictures, guys.

Our reader's inverted cruciform

Our reader’s inverted cruciform

Classic style – short cut

Here’s another classic style, and one that seems to be quite popular recently, the Short Cut.

It looks simple enough – just the natural shape of the pubic area, trimmed to about a centimeter in length. But if you don’t have the right equipment, it could be tricky to do. Unless you’re pretty skilled with your scissors, trimming by hand could result in uneven patches. An adjustable electric hair trimmer is probably the way to go.


Alternatively, you could just do the Full Monty, and then sit back and wait a month. Voila, short cut!

As reader Jessica commented “I did a Brazilian recently (although it was nice) I prefer having pubic hair. I luv this style cause you can still rock your pube hair but in a neat way.”

Reader’s post – Flame style: step by step

My first reaction when I found this anonymous contribution in the dropbox was simply “WOW!”. Here we see, in a set of high quality pictures, a step by step guide to the creation of a perfect Flame or Arrowhead style.

A short message with the pictures simply said “virgin stylist”.

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge


New poll – men’s favorites

Guys, here’s a chance for you to vote for your favorite women’s pubic hair style. The last poll asked women the same question. Let’s see if the guys make the same choices.


Classic style – full Brazillian

This classic style goes by many names: the Full Monty, the Sphinx, the White Tiger, the Kojak, the Hollywood, and perhaps most commonly, the Full Brazilian.

Here we see some perfect example of this, the non plus ultra of pubic hair removal.

Smooth operators

Smooth operators

This style was voted most popular by women readers of this blog in our recent poll, with over 27% of the vote.

Sometimes mentioned scathingly as a lamentable sign of excess porn in modern culture, the full Brazilian actually has a long and classical history. It can be seen in Egyptian friezes, Greek sculpture, classical oil paintings and early nude photography.

The timeless style

The timeless style

I think it’s safe to say, this is one pubic style that may never be out of fashion.

Muff taxonomy

A kind reader dropped this extensive chart of pubic styles into the dropbox, together with a message:

Massive chart of pubic styles

Massive chart of pubic styles

The message read “Hi, you can call me Lisa! So I see u posted a kind of catalog recently. I found an image with styles on the web and added some more styles to it. My girls here helped me name some of them.”

Thank you Lisa and the girls for contributing this comprehensive catalog. I love the creative names of some of the styles!

3D pube gallery

A kind anonymous contributor has sent in this labor of love – a 3d rendered gallery of pubic variations. If you look carefully you can see the pubes are no mere texture applied over a wireframe model; there’s three dimensions to the actual muffin.

3D styles gallery

3D styles gallery – click to enlarge

What the cross referenced letters refer to, I do not know. Perhaps so you can print it out, take it down to your waxing salon and say “Give me the 4G!”
Many thanks to the original poster!

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